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Dashing Short Hairstyles for People With Big Foreheads

Short Hairstyles for People with Big Foreheads
Bangs can do wonders for people with big foreheads. Such hairstyles remove any unwanted attention from the forehead, and highlight the eyes.
Pragya T
Last Updated: Jun 7, 2017
Angelina Jolie, Rihanna, and Christina Ricci, what do all these celebs have in common?

They all have big foreheads, and sport some type of bangs hairstyle, so that their forehead doesn't look prominent.
Every person has a unique body shape, and some clothes look flattering on them while others just don't look right. Similarly, particular hairstyle looks great on some, while other hairstyles just don't suit them. Hence, you need to select the hairstyle according to your face shape wisely. In this HairGlamourista article, we will focus on trendy, short hairstyles for people with big foreheads.
Style Options for Women
Modern Pixie with Bangs
Modern Pixie With Bangs
Pixie is all the rage this year, and a great option for people with big foreheads. However, ladies always get some sweeping bangs with it. In the above picture, the model is sporting a modern pixie which is closely cropped on the opposite side of the side bangs.
Pixie with Sweeping Bangs
Pixie With Long Side Bangs
Here is another cool pixie haircut. Get choppy layers in your pixie, and keep the bangs long and sweeping. Crop the bangs choppy to give it texture. You can further get some skinny highlights. Adding texture to your hair by highlighting and layering will make the head look broader, and remove attention from the forehead.
Cleopatra-style Bob
Cleopatra Style Bob
Cleopatra-style bob is a chic hairstyle, which is perfect for big foreheads. The straight, long bangs do a great job of hiding the forehead and directing attention to the eyes. This style gives a sexy-mysterious look. It looks great on people with jet black or light blonde hair. Take a look at the pictures of Christina Ricci flaunting her bob, for inspiration.
Clean Sweeping Bangs with Choppy Bob
Side bangs Blonde Bob
You can also get some clean, side-sweeping bangs, with a short haircut. In the above picture, the model is sporting a neat bob, with clean, sweeping bangs. However, to add texture to the hair, the ends are cut a bit choppy. If you have fine hair, then this is a good styling option for you.
Pin-up Style
Pin Up Style
Another way of removing attention from your large forehead, is by using a nice hair accessory. Use a bold accessory and place it on one side of the head. For example, sweep your hair back and tuck a flower in your ear. The flower will give a romantic look, and remove attention from your forehead. Another way is to pin-up a ribbon, and place the bow on one side of the head. With such styles, you don't have to necessarily sport bangs. These are good styles in case you have overgrown bangs, or no bangs.
Updo Hairstyle
Updo Hairstyle
In case you are sporting an updo hairstyle for office or a party, make sure you take out a thick strand of hair from each side (refer to the picture above). This will soften the look, and remove attention from the forehead. Check out pictures of Angelina Jolie in formal hairstyles for ideas.
Style Options for Men
Long Sweeping Bangs
Man With Straight Hairstyle
Guys too can opt for side-swept bangs styles, in case they have large foreheads. Get a short, choppy, layered haircut with side bangs that reach your eyebrows. This style is great for people with straight, fine hair. If you want, you can cut the hair in front of the ears and near the nape of neck in layers, to get the wispy-ends look.
Short Side Bangs
Short Side Bangs
Similarly, men can also opt for a layered, short haircut with short bangs. If you don't want the maintenance of long sweeping bangs, then consider getting short, side bangs. They will also do a good job of making the big forehead appear smaller, and divert attention to other facial features.
No Bangs, the Bold Look
No Bangs Poofy Hair
This year the 'James Dean' hairstyle is in. Celebs like Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber, David Beckham, etc., are sporting this style. Though layered, short, choppy hairstyles are still popular, the swept-back, poofy styles are more in fashion. Even though you have a large forehead, you can carry these styles. Showing off your forehead will give a bold look. In case you want to accessorize, you can wear geeky glasses to bring attention to your eyes, and reduce the prominence of the forehead.
You will need to maintain your hair well, to carry these styles. So, make sure you condition your hair regularly, and use the appropriate styling products to achieve the look. Seek your stylist's advice on styling your new haircut.