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Short Hairstyles for Heart-shaped Faces

Rohini Mohan Apr 23, 2019
Here are some short hairstyles for heart-shaped faces. Take your pick.
Actress Reese Witherspoon has been touted for the perfect heart-shaped face because of her prominent chin, tapered cheekbones, and wide forehead.
A heart-shaped face sports a wide forehead and distinct jawline which is usually narrow, and sometimes as pointy as a triangular-shaped face. The cheekbones also tend to stand out, and thus, adds more definition to the face.
Women with this type of face shape prefer covering their forehead with bangs, so as to prevent their face from looking any wider.
The reason being, the face is the widest at the cheeks, and comprises soft features that get narrower from the jawline downwards. It is a common misconception that a heart-shaped face must have a widow's peak.
In fact, such a face type need not have a pointy chin either. However, if an imaginary line were to be drawn on the face, it must take the shape of a heart. Here are some short hairstyles for heart-shaped faces that you can try out.

Choppy Pixie

A grown-out pixie can do wonders to highlight the softer features of the face, and hide the forehead. This hairstyle puts a lot of focus on the eyes, shows off the cheekbones, and most importantly, the distinct chin of the heart-shaped face.

Bouncy Bob

When combined with a fringe, this hairstyle covers the wide forehead of a heart-shaped face without having to cut the hair too short.This hairstyle makes the face look slightly thinner, and lends focus on the eyes.

Sleek Layered Cut

This hairstyle can add much-needed volume to the hair, and looks great on slightly wavy as well as poker-straight hair. The sideswept bangs keep this hairstyle from looking too plain, and help reduce the length of the face.

Sleek Bob

The sleek bob is meant to cover most of the cheekbones, and stop before it reaches the chin. It can even be aligned along the line of the chin. This edgy hairstyle does indeed make the face look sleek and extremely feminine.

Graduated Bob

The graduated bob or inverted bob, is meant to be extremely sleek from the front, and must have shorter, stacked layers at the back. This hairstyle also has a side-swept fringe, that makes the face appear sleeker and the chin more pronounced.

Asymmetrical Pixie

The asymmetrical pixie hairstyle is cropped short on one side above the ear, while keeping the side-swept bang long. This edgy hairstyle looks good on heart-shaped faces because it draws attention towards the cheekbones and chin.

Feathered Bob

The feathered bob with a razor-cut finish is ideal for those who wish to sport a more wispy hairstyle. This hairstyle is suitable for those who are looking for something edgy, yet dainty, and something light, yet voluminous.

Close-cropped Pixie

The close-cropped pixie is all the rage right now! This hairstyle combines the crew cut with a side-swept fringe, and thus, is absolutely unique. This hairstyle looks amazing on Miley Cyrus' heart-shaped face.

Curled-out Bob

Curled-out bob hairstyles are making a comeback among those who love everything vintage. This simple bob, is an ideal hairstyle for woman who do not like anything too extreme.

Layered Bob

The simplest hairstyle around, the layered bob is for the woman who loves to keep everything in her life simple, neat, and classy, and that includes her hair as well.
Waste no more time. Pick one from here that you like, and go get yourself that haircut you've been longing for.