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Short Hairstyles for African-American Women

Bidisha Mukherjee Jan 9, 2019
Are you searching for a new attractive look for yourself? A good haircut could elevate your mood and make you look young, bright and energetic. How about trying a pixie cut or a Mohawk! Sounds exciting? So, go ahead and get a nice haircut, but don't forget to keep it stylish.
Due to the thickness and texture of their hair, many African-American women often complain that they find it difficult to manage their hair. Maintaining long hair can become a hassle, as the hair tends to frizz out when grown long and cannot be woven or styled easily.
This brings us to an easier and much prettier option, choosing a short hairstyle. Short haircuts can give women a classy, young, and carefree image, this includes African-American women too.
Short hairstyles look stylish and can suit people with a busy lifestyle, since it can be worn quickly and requires little maintenance.
If the hair is cut properly, it can highlight a desirable feature of your face and can provide a fresh youthful look. Plus, you will spend less on haircuts and hair dyes. Not to mention that short hair will be much cooler during summers.

Gorgeous Curls

Curly hair can make you stand out from a crowd and add to your uniqueness. Men are known to adore women with curly hair.
Anyone can have straight hair but only a few have naturally beautiful curls and very few women appreciate or admire their curls. Look at the accompanying image, the curls are short and this makes her look young and free.
To maintain your curls try the scrunching technique, after you finish washing your hair, grab few section of hair and gently squeeze them from the tips to the roots. This will help your curls look great and bouncy
* Celebrity Inspiration: Yaya DaCosta

Trendy Layers

You can give your short hair a layered cut. It is one of those few classic styles that will never go out of fashion.
The layered haircut, as seen in this image, adds bounce to her hair and looks great on short pixie hair. In fact, the up flip hairstyle looks equally good on both short and long hair.
You can use hair gel to set the waves or layers. Do not comb the hair, after you apply the gel. This look can further be made attractive by highlighting the layered hair with some hair color. Red and purple are trending this season, or you can also choose any other vibrant color to complete this look.
* Celebrity Inspiration: Queen Latifah

Foxy Bob

A foxy bob looks elegant on African-American women. But, it looks really good on straight hair. If you do not have straight hair, then you can use a good hair relaxer and get them straight.
In this style, a bang or fringe on the forehead will also look very attractive and the length of the hair is usually kept shorter at the back of the head. If you want, you can also make the bob look slightly asymmetrical, with the help of angular cuts on the sides of your face.
* Celebrity Inspiration: Halle

Crazy Straight

Break boundaries and try something different, as shown in this image. Try this hairstyle with long bangs and get that elegant 60s-women look with a little edge at the top.
You can create and choose any shape you like as far as you promise to take good care and maintain this look. Use styling gel at the ends of your bangs to give the hair some movement.
Look around or take inspiration from celebrities, how they dress up their short hairstyle with cute and edgy accessories. A fashionable pair of studs, medium-sized hoops and chandelier earrings could give your face a brighter lift.
* Celebrity Inspiration: Rihanna

Crafted Braids

Braided hairstyles look amazing on African-American women and with the help of hair extensions, you can experiment with braids to make them look beautiful. If you have thin hair, it can be made thicker with the help of braids.
If you are looking for a classic braided hairstyle, as shown in this image, then twist the ends of the braid to form a bun on your nape. The best part about these braided extensions is that when maintained properly, they look remarkable and refined.
* Celebrity Inspiration
The short hairstyles for African-American women given here, portray an easygoing and cheerful image for any woman. These hairstyles will look good only when you maintain a regular hair care regimen by washing and conditioning your hair properly and restore the natural oils of your hair. So, let us now look at some points to remember and follow.

Hair Care Tips

» To maintain your curls or braids and to make them look fresh, frizz-free, tie your hair loosely on top of your head at night with a satin or silk scarf.

» Try coconut milk on your hair if they are prone to breakage or tend to be weak. Apply and leave this natural conditioner for 20-25 minutes, and then shampoo your hair.
» Ask a professional hairdresser to suggest the right shampoo and conditioner that will work best for your hair type, without causing any damage.

» Oil your hair, at least once in a week. Use almond oil, coconut oil, any one of them, as they all have properties that help maintain the natural oils in your hair, and are also effective for proper hair growth.
» Frequent use of chemicals and hair styling products, makes your hair look dry, dull and lifeless. To avoid this, mix equal parts of baking soda with your shampoo and apply this paste on your wet hair. Let the paste rest for 5-6 minutes, before you wash and condition your hair.