Short Hair Styles 2013

A Peek at the Super Trendy Short Hairstyles of 2013

Spiky pixies and sleek bobs are still rocking the scene, and many female celebs are sporting them. For men this year it's all about 50's style hairdos. Here are pictures of the short hair styles that are the trendiest in 2013 and tips on how to get them.
Undershave and undercut styles are the latest trends of hairstyles this year.
Short hair styles are awesome, cause you don't have to spend hours styling them and also they are perfect for summer. If you are bored with your long locks, then why not get rid of them. I mean Anne Hathaway had to cut her beautiful locks for Les Misérables.

But, hey! She looks totally different and cute in the pixie that she sports. Also, check out Justin Bieber with his combed back 50s, James Dean inspired hairstyle. It looks cool and is so 'in'. So, yeah, if you want to get a short haircut, consider the options given below...

Hairstyles for Women

short hairshort hairshort hair

Pixie Hair Styles
Pixie haircut is the most sought-after short hairstyle this year. There are all sorts of variations of pixie. The most common is the one with long side bangs. Many prefer to dye their hair absolutely jet black or platinum blonde with this variation of the pixie. You can observe this style in the first picture. These styles look good on all face shapes and personalities.

However, there are some other variations of pixie too. Check out the variation that Rooney Mara wears in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. This goth version of the pixie style looks great and edgy. Also, there are short cropped pixies sported by celebs, which can often be seen dyed in bright colors like red, blue, and green. So, opt for side bangs-pixie style combination or come up with a unique variation of the pixie. You can keep a section of your hair long, and braid it or dye it bright, maybe? Take a look at the short styles that celebs like Rihanna and Agyness Deyn are flaunting to get more inspiration.

Bob Cuts
The most popular short hairstyles for women are bob hairstyles. These hair styles suit older women and teens alike. One has many options when it comes to short bob styles. You can choose an inverted sleek bob, which is the most popular style. For this style, you will need to cut your hair real short near the nape of your neck, and the sides should be kept longer. The sides can be cut in a way to look symmetrical or asymmetrical. Pair this style with blunt Cleopatra style bangs or side sweeping bangs.

Women can also opt for short layered bob styles, or medium-short layered styles with some bangs. Layers are the best option if you want to keep your hair shoulder-length. Also, layered bob is a good idea if you have wavy or curly hair. To get these short styles for curly hair, get lots of deep layers done in your hair and accompany it with blunt or sweeping side bangs. Right now, turquoise is the new hot and popular hair color. Consider dyeing your hair turquoise or get a few highlights of this color for a trendier look. You can see the picture on the extreme right is of a simple bob with Cleopatra style bangs, however the turquoise dyed hair make it look awesome.

Hairstyles for Men

short hairshort hairshort hair

50's Combed Back Hairdos
Combed back styles have made a comeback with a bang. Celebs and models can be seen sporting these styles. Brad Pitt and David Beckham can also be seen wearing this hairstyle. But, it is Bieber who is responsible for the popularity of this style. This style is easy to mimic, just get your hair on the back and side cut shorter. Keep the hair on the crown longer. Then comb back the front hair and a bit sideways. Use a strong-hold product like gel or mousse to get the puffed hair effect.

There are some cool variations of this style. You can style your hair to look a little spiky at the ends with gel. Or you can totally comb it back without any partition. With this style you can also consider sporting some cool beard styles like the handlebar and chin puff or a simple soul patch, perhaps.

Sleek Layered Styles
To get a sleek layered cut, cut your hair deep choppy so that they look tapering near the ears and at the back. Then accompany it with side sweeping bangs, that cover your eyes. Though, the combed back styles are more popular this year, you can still see these layered styles in fashion.

So, select any of the above hairstyles and accompany them with cool hair color ideas, to make your hairstyle look even more unique and stylish!