Beautifully Staggering Sew in Hairstyles for Black Women

Sew in hair can really work wonders for black women, by enhancing the texture and quality of their hair. There are many interesting hairstyles that can be tried for different occasions. This Buzzle article lists out a few.
One of the biggest drawback faced by black women when it comes to their hair, is its length and texture. Most black women have shorter hair, which makes it difficult to experiment with new looks. Many of them prefer to tie the hair, or go for permanent styles like dreadlocks and cornrows, as there is hardly anything they can do with it.

Apart from this, their hair also tends to be dry and gets frizzy, which stops them from trying out different hairdos, such as, highlighting, coloring, perming, and straightening, etc., as that can damage the locks further. So in short, black women have very few options when it comes to trying out new hairstyles. But not anymore. The artificial sew in hair can allow them to try all their fancies about having vivacious hair, which they can flaunt with style and grace.

Sew In Hair

Sew in hair is nothing but extensions that can be added on or weaved to the original hair, in such way that they merge and blend well, with your original hair looking very natural. Today, there are many companies that make extensions from human hair, that can either be sewn in or glued. According to experts, sewn in hair is better because they last longer, and cause less damage. Whereas, glued hair is generally temporary, say for a week, and getting them glued is quite messy. Apart from this, it also causes a lot of damage, especially, the glue removal process. So, if possible, go for sew in hair which is very much in fashion these days. But, in that case too, you have to consider some of the important things, like the following:
  • Make sure to buy good quality extensions from a standard store.
  • Buy only extensions made from human hair, though they will be costlier than the artificial hair.
  • Get your hair sewed in by a professional instead of trying it on your own.
  • While buying extensions, make sure the color matches or blends well with your natural hair.
  • Decide if you want to add to the volume or length, or both, and buy the extensions accordingly.
  • Also make sure that you buy enough extensions so that the desired thickness is met.
Once you buy good extensions and sew in them properly, you are ready to try out various weave hairstyles with your brand new hair. Let's see what you can do.

Sew In Hairstyles

First of all you must get a good haircut before you try out any hairstyles. Consult your stylist and get a haircut that suits your face type, and hair texture aptly. It will also help you get a good shape, and tune your hair well. Given below are some options:

» Soft Curls

Soft curls look impeccably beautiful on long and thick hair. So if you have added lengthy extensions, then this is one of the best options, that can help you get a chic casual look.

» Straightening

Many women generally tend to have extremely curly hair. So, getting it straightened can help them achieve a completely different look. If you are also bored of curly hair, and are looking for a massive makeover, then straight hair is ideal for you.

» Perming

If you always fancied having soft wavy hair then perming can help you make your dream come true. Using thick perming rods, you can get loosely permed hair, that are sure to help you have soft long wavy hair to get a casual as well as professional look.

» Highlighting

With new sewn in hair, you have the chance to fill in some hues in your life as well. You can highlight your hair with any color you wish, but make sure that it suits your personality and skin tone.

Well, these were some of the sew in hairstyles, that can help you get a unique look for every occasion. But again, consult the hair experts and get the above hairstyles done for you by a professional only, to avoid any hair problems. Go ahead and flaunt the diva in you!
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