Here's Everything About Sew-in Hair Extensions You Wanted to Know

Sew-in Hair Extensions
Sew-in extensions are a very popular. But do you know the pros and cons of using them? Check out the article below to get a grip of this tale!
HairGlamourista Staff
Oh gosh! They are all around you! From damsels in distress in Bollywood, to the divas in Hollywood, all of them have got it (remember Katherine Heigl in The Ugly Truth?)! Yes, I am talking about hair extensions!
You can get an instant makeover with these. If you have short hair, it works even better! You can use them to add length or volume, and get a dramatic effect. With the many types of hair extensions available, choosing the right one can get a little overwhelming. No worries, we are here to help you out. Know all about the sew-in type in the upcoming sections.
Sew-in Hair Extensions

Also called a weave-in or fusion hair extension, as the name suggests, the extensions are sewn in to braided tracks in the scalp in this type. Braiding tracks into natural hair is required as a prelude to fixing the extensions. The tracks could be vertical or horizontal or even curved, as per the contour of the hairline desirable.
Typically if you are lucky, a good stylist will braid adequately back from the hairline, in every direction. This will hide the braids and tracks properly.

One of the most significant and obvious advantages is that those 'longing' for long hair, need not wait for months. You can get flattering and long tresses almost immediately.
An individual need not commit or undergo a completely new style. Hair can be styled in a number of ways. Plus, you don't have to worry about the damage caused by heat, chemicals, or styling tools.
Our hair sometimes has to weather the daily styling done by most of us. Braided extensions let the hair remain braided and is not affected by daily styling tools. It is one of those great solutions as well!
You don't have to worry about your extensions looking fake or cheap, as they are made of real hair. You can even replace your extensions with different ones, if you get bored of that style.
There is no limit to how much you experiment, bold or jazzy colors, super short or super long hairstyles; well you can try anything you want.
You can wash and moisturize your hair, and natural hair growth is retained as well. Also, compared to other types, sew-in hair extensions cause minimum hair damage.

Not everybody may be comfortable with such tightly braided hair. It can cause a lot of discomfort and itching.
Proper hygiene is very important, or else bacteria may grow. It can lead to hair loss.
It is crucial that you get your extensions attached from an experienced stylist. If not done properly these can look horrible, and there are chances that some of them may come loose.
Over-styling can also cause lot of damage, and make them look dull or messy.
The biggest drawback though is the cost. Yes, these can be really expensive. You will have shell out more money if you want the look to be natural.

A number of factors go down in determining the cost of sew-in hair extensions. The type used, the method of application, and the extent of application are the main factors. A weave will typically cover the entire head, and can cost from $500 to $1200 or even more, based on how much hair is used and other details. The salon or the stylist you approach too can elevate the cost. If you know how to do you it yourself, well, you can save money!
Sew-in hair extension are definitely a good option for a drastic change. However, along with that, it is extremely important to take requisite care and measures suggested by the stylist for avoiding damage. That was the long and short of it! I sign off here!