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Red Hair Colors

Aastha Dogra Oct 29, 2018
Coloring the hair red is a bold decision and one must think a lot before taking the leap. However, there are various shades of red that are safe as well. So go through this write-up to know about the shades and how they might look on you.
With celebrities such as Julia Roberts, Jessica Alba and Lindsay Lohan sporting them, red hair colors have become very popular among the ladies.
There are different types of red colors which a woman can opt for such as auburn, light auburn, dark auburn, copper, neutral copper, bright copper and strawberry blond.
Choosing the one that highlights one's personality as well as skin tone, may seem an uphill task for many women. So for women who find themselves in such a dilemma, here is some interesting information for choosing red hair colors.
Before we check out the different shades of red that can be donned, let us learn how to take care of colored hair.

Maintaining Red Hair

There are a number of things that a woman should consider before and after coloring hair. If the condition of the hair prior to coloring is not good i.e., hair strands break easily or they are dry, it is better that the health of the hair is restored by moisturizing it regularly and following all other remedies, before actually going in for hair coloring.
Once the hair health is restored, choose the color according to the skin tone. Hair colors of some of the most reputed brands should be chosen to avoid damage to the hair. 
It is seen that red hair colors have the tendency to fade much faster than the other colors. In order to slow down this fading process, opt for specially formulated anti-fade shampoos which come infused with red hair color. They add life and vitality to the red hair, every time they are applied.

Red Hair Colors

Fiery Red

Fiery red is a very uncommon color and very few people can carry it. The vibrant color is uncommon because;
  • It is very bright and is easily noticeable.
  • It does not suit most people and looks over done or very jazzy.
  • It wears off too easily and leaves behind a very weird after-color which is not pleasant.
  • Like purple, bright red is mostly unacceptable in public functions and family gatherings.
Though fiery red is highly uncommon, if you want to make a statement, no other color is better. If you do not wish to go entirely red, however, a few streaks would just look awesome.


Red is more popular when compared to the fiery shade. It is because the color is softer and suits fair people who can carry the color well.
However, even with the red, there are some exceptions;
  • It is a limited color and looks good with a particular style of clothes.
  • Red too stands out in the crowd and thus many people are not very comfortable carrying it.
  • Again, in most official gathering and family functions, red colored hair is not accepted easily.
Here too, one can think about different ways of using the color on the hair like highlights, streaks, only coloring the bangs or just the ends. Looks great and stylish when carried well.

Dark Auburn

Women with dark skin tones should go in for deep colors such as mahogany red, burgundy, dark auburn and bright copper-red. Light colors should be totally avoided.
For an interesting and distinctive look, olive-skinned women can get highlights of different shades of dark red colors throughout their hair.Besides the skin tones, while choosing hair colors, skin undertones have to be taken into account too. 
The skin undertones are of two types, i.e., warm and cool.Warm undertones are those when the skin is slightly on the yellowish side. Cool undertones are those when the skin is slightly pinkish-blue.
Suitable red hair colors for cool skin are all the violet based reds such as burgundy, dark auburn as well as reddish browns.
For warm skin undertones, copper blond hair and medium auburn will look good.


Women with a medium skin tone should go in for auburn and light auburn colors. Darker shades such as dark auburn and brighter reds such as orange-red and bright copper should be avoided.
Reddish browns are ideal for medium skin tones as they go very well with this skin tone type.Auburn is a subtle color and given your hair a lovely hue. It suits long and short hair and also straight and curly. Auburn is more versatile than other shades of red.
This is a color that can be used on the entire hair and would still look nice. Check with a small strand whether it looks good on you before coloring the entire hair. Rest assured, once done, you are going to get loads of compliments.


Copper is one of the most versatile colors. It suits most skin types and hair textures.
Right from American and African-american to Asian and Australian, this color suits all women. The best part about it is that it blends with the natural color of the hair and gives it a superb texture and look. Coloring the entire hair in this rich color is better than using highlights.
One can also go for other shades of copper like neutral cooper and bright copper which look equally good and can be carried easily with formal as well as traditional attire. It not only gives the woman wearing it a lovely hair feel, it boosts her confidence as well.

Strawberry Blonde

For women with fair skin and blond hair, very subtle colors such as strawberry blond and terra-cotta shades should be opted for.
Dark reds should be avoided as they can make their skin look washed out. The most suitable colors for brunettes who have fair skin are warmer shades of red.
Among all the hair shades of red, strawberry blonde is one of the most preferred due to the fact that it stays for a longer time and required least maintenance. It also suits most face structures and hairstyles.
Young as well as middle-aged women can easily sport this color as it is a very comfortable color and merges with other common hair shades of blonde and gray. It is common, but strawberry blonde and terra-cotta shades are very safe colors. Go for these in case you are not sure about the brighter-reds.
By sporting red hair shades, highlights and colors, one thing is sure that they can get spotted anywhere in a crowd. So keep going through the details and researching till you arrive at the one that suits you the most. All the best!