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Purple Hair Color Ideas

Suprita Biswas Sep 27, 2018
The bold and beautiful 'amethyst color' is the symbol of mysticism and creativity. Choosing the right shade of purple hair color is important to make the ultimate style statement.
Naturally healthy hair is a blessing one must be really proud of. Accessorizing adds to the beauty and grandeur. The best and the easiest way to make your hair look uniquely different is by coloring it.
What's better than a bright beautiful purple hair color? It would be interesting to know that the union of the red and blue represents strong qualities like faith, virtue, wealth and position. We generally associate it with calmness, spirituality and royalty.

Ideas for Purple Hair Coloring

Take into account your skin tone while deciding on a color, as you should not end up looking like a weirdo. There are different ways to color your silky mane.

People with red hair should avoid the wine color entirely as it would look outrageously different.

Purple highlights on Black Hair

If you have dark brown or chocolate hair, dark purple would suit your purpose.

Light Purple Hair

People with blond or light brown hair can ideally go for lighter shades of purple.

Vibrant Purple Hair

Common Procedure for Coloring

If you have long, straight hair, you can easily give it a good definition by adding bright, purple highlights. You can also use hair dye on the whole hair, though it might look a little absurd. If you can carry it off well, it will surely add to your glamor.
Hair extensions also are a great way of adorning your hair temporarily and believe me, if you walk in to a party in those extra-ordinary extensions, you are the man (Oops! Woman). Let's try it at home, if not for serious coloring, at least just for fun.
Hair must be clean, dry and dirt-free. Avoid using color on freshly washed hair as the natural oils in your hair protects it from strong chemicals. Comb your hair, stand in-front of the mirror and imagine yourself with the colored tresses. That would give you an idea of how to go about the entire procedure.
Divide your hair into several sections, each having about eight to ten hair strands. You can take alternate sections and paint them up to the tip, in case you are highlighting them. If you are coloring your entire hair, it would require you to patiently coat every strand with the color mixture.
Be sure to coat the hair strands properly, so that it does not look awkwardly done. Let the color sit for sometime. Slightly rub off the color coating from a part of the hair and analyze. If it has lightened sufficiently, rinse off the rest of the hair. Off you go, a trend setter in the making!

Points to Ponder

Analyze if you are comfortable to be 'stared at'. The color is not exactly delightful and you might not get a lot of appreciating looks. Think before you choose your shade!
If you are planning to drop the bomb on some marriage or some other family gathering, be sure that the bomb does not fall on you as it would be highly unacceptable in a conventional party or an interview. (God forbid, if one suddenly springs out of nowhere!)
Be ready for rigorous washing. Such strong colors leave a stain on the skin all over, including the neck and the face. Good news is that they lighten and finally disappear soon. However, the bad news is that this would not be the case with the linen. Your stained clothes and towels will permanently go mauve and there is no escape from this.
Do the entire procedure with the help of someone who is, at least, slightly experienced. Be very careful as a mistake can cost a lot.
These were some cool purple hair color ideas. Purple hair color is not for every Jane and Joe. Self-assertive women with a willpower to carry what they are responsible for, are meant to do different things differently. Here is the chance of making a statement, go for it girls!