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Short Punk Haircuts for Girls That Give an Unparalleled Bold Look

Stephen Rampur May 6, 2019
The most prominent aspects of short punk haircuts for girls are the colors and patterns of these voguish hairdos. Here's more.
Punk haircuts need no introduction, and we are sure you will heartily agree with us. There are many haircuts and hairstyles that are used by people to look unique and stylish. Punk hairstyles do find their place in the most stylish hairdos of all time.
These hairstyles were first worn by punk rock musicians in the 1970s, which later turned out to be a craze amongst teenagers and youngsters. For girls with short hair, who want to wear trendy and bright hairstyles, these are ideal.
Punk hair for girls has many aspects related to it, out of which colors and patterns are the most important. The reason why these are sought after is that they bring a unique, colorful, vibrant, and stylish appearance to the person flaunting them. When it comes to the colors, the most popular ones are red, green, blue, pink, and purple.

Pop Punk Hairstyle

If you are thinking about short punk hairstyles for men or women, a pop punk hairstyle is a suitable one.
In order to make this hairdo, you should have a substantial volume of hair on the crown. Cut either side of the hair through the ear line. Set the remaining hair of the other side sweeping over its opposite side, covering the ear and eye of that side. Coloring this sort of hairstyle typically looks punky.


The Mohawk is one cool hairstyle that probably needs no introduction. It is undoubtedly considered one of the best punk short hairstyles for men and women.
In a Mohawk, the hair on both the sides of the head is cut short and the volume of hair on the crown is left as it is. Using a gel and a hairspray, the top hair is set up in a center line on the head. And this hairdo really looks great when color is added to it.

Faux hawk

To understand a faux hawk, you first need to pay attention to the Mohawk. In a Mohawk, the hair is cut on the sides. On the other hand, in a faux hawk, the hair is styled in the same manner, but simply without cutting the side hair.
Hence, the name given 'faux hawk'. The main advantage of this hairstyle is that you can easily make a different hairstyle in case you prefer not to wear a fauxhawk, without waiting for the hair to regrow.


A pixie without crazy colors can even be used as a corporate hairstyle. But if it is given a touch of bright colors, it can go punk.
In a pixie cut, the hair is cut throughout the line of the head, and the fringes left a bit longer so that they fall on the eyes. You can even use hair gel or hairspray and experiment with different patterns of pixie hair.
Moreover, you can use your creativity and experiment with colored hair in a variety of patterns. Blending two hairstyles together is a good idea of trying out different patterns to make the hair look out of the crowd. If you want to wear the simplest punk short hairstyle, just spike your hair up and color it with any color you think will look good on it.