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8 Easy and Fun Protective Hairstyles for Natural Hair

8 Protective Hairstyles for Natural Hair
Protective hairstyles help protect your hair from external elements and also enhance your appearance by giving you a new look. If you're game to try a new hairdo, HairGlamourista gives you a list of protective hairstyles for natural hair.
Neha B Deshpande
Last Updated: Jun 7, 2017
Dread not these dreads!
Though dreadlocks have a fairly ancient history, these days, they are artificially formed by twisting and twirling natural hair. They have become quite a rage, with many celebrities sporting dreads. Seems it is no longer something to dread of!
As the name suggests, protective hairstyles are intended to 'protect' your hair from the weather, breakage, and any other kind of damage. There are many who claim that this hairstyle helps the hair to grow faster. Regardless of whether it is true, one thing is sure that you cannot ignore these unique hairstyles that have become popular all over the world, though essentially donned by ethnic African men and women―thanks to the thick lustrous strong hair they have been blessed with.

The biggest advantage of protective hairstyles is that you don't need to change your hairstyle very often, thereby requiring less maintenance, and most importantly, these help you save time on a busy day. Well, of course, thanks to modern-day lifestyle and pollution, hair loss has become a common phenomenon globally. Protective hairstyles give you chance to protect your hair against all these hazards.

However, there are a few tips you should consider, before you opt for a suitable protective hairstyle. Do not overdo your styling and find one, which will suit the length of your hair, and complement your personality. While protective hairstyling can be done in multiple ways―braiding, or pulling them back―let's take a look at some popular protective hairstyles.
Braided Crown
A braided crown is relatively easy way to give you a goddess-like feeling. It is also easy to carry; however, it is suitable only for long hair. It can go well for a bridesmaid look, or can add a little bit of elegance to your monotonous office look. So, try this protective hairstyle to pamper yourself.
High Bun Updo
High bun updo
A high bun will make you look adorable. Sport this look with a beautiful evening gown for a classy or romantic evening. You can also use a head scarf or a bandanna to give the style a chic look.
Braids for Long Hair
Braids long hair
To be honest, simple braids have still retained their beauty. You can braid your hair in the simple way, or try box braids. You can close the ends with beads or pretty clips. This hairstyle is just right any occasion and suits both men and women. If you're a student or a working woman, this is a simple way to add a dash of style to your looks without overdoing it.
Bantu Knots
Bantu knots
Add a funky twist to your boring hairstyle―tie your hair into bantu knots. They are simple knots in the shaped like a coil or diamond. Typically, this is a casual look, that is ideal when you're out with your friends, attending a rock concert, or going on a road trip. Furthermore, a bantu knot-out gives sexy curls to your hair. However, be careful, while undoing your bantu knots.
Cornrows for Short Hair
Cornrow short hair
Cornrows can be done in various shapes, and can be sported by men, women, and kids alike. Especially, experimenting with them can be real fun for little girls. You can visit the salon and give the desired look, or simply try out different patterns using your imagination. You may even try out various asymmetrical geometrical figures!
Braided Mohawk
Braided mohak
The conventional Mohawk with a little twist. This one is a really cool hairstyle to try, you're sure to rock in this hairdo! Looks good on short hair and suitable for both men and women.
Dreadlocks are the 'in' thing today, they have become a huge hit. This style can achieved by waxing and twisting natural hair; however, it is safer to get it done from a hairstylist. Contrary to common misconception, certain dreadlock hairstyles require high maintenance.
Simple Bun for Relaxed hair
Bun relaxed hair
If you have got your hair relaxed, there are many cute protective hairstyles available for the same, but a simple classy hairstyle is the bun. You can wear it with braids or play with various styles, such as a high raised bun, embellished with various accessories.
These protective hairstyles give you ample scope to show off that sleek elegant face of yours, so do not forget to accessorize your look with loops or earrings, which will make heads turn around. Another trick can be to give a dash of color to your hair, which will make your braids stand out in a crowd. Do not be afraid to experiment when you're trying out these protective hairstyles; however, be equally careful while you undo them again. There are plethora of protective hairstyles to experiment to take inspiration from, and you may even try a combination of various styles.