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30 Sweet Problems Faced By Every Girl With Long Hair

Payal Kanjwani Apr 20, 2019
They say, there are plenty of stresses accompanying the tresses. If you've dealt with the struggle of long hair sticking to lip gloss on a windy day, you can very well relate to this post, which has enumerated problems faced by girls having long hair.


Woke up with a zit on your face? That's okay. Play around with your hair, do something really cute that would compensate for less than perfect appearance if your face is having a rough day.
Long hair is synonymous to glory. If your hair is naturally long, kudos to you! You've been the subject of some serious hair envy. Besides, maintaining fairytale-like hair is not a joke. You are aware of the fact that it isn't as glamorous as it seems to be.
You share a special bond with your hair, there are some ups and downs, like any other relationship. From desperate need to put off a trim to your ends to constant tangles faced in everyday situations, maintaining long hair is a full-time job, where you sincerely wish you had a day off.
For all you Rapunzels, we know the struggle can be real. So we take a moment, recognizing the problems faced by long-haired women and cherishing things only ladies with long tresses can understand.

Starting with the commonest of all, "Is this your real hair?" *internally screaming* Yeah. All natural.
A follow-up question, "How did it get so long?" Because I don't get haircuts. Ever. And how can we not mention the relatives that meet us after longgg: WOW. Your hair have grown so long!

Next comes in, "Can I touch your hair?" Everybody wants to touch it! They seem too real to be true.
You try to convince yourself that hair elastic on your wrist looks kinda cool. I mean, yeah, it's the new stretchy bracelet (with gross hair strands stuck).

Ponytail becomes your default hairstyle. You yourself wonder why you even have long hair in the first place.
Hair appointments give you more anxiety than tests. You've trusted your hairstylist with taking off as little as possible, but deep down you drip with the fear that (s)he may hack off a few extra inches.
The ever complaining hairdressers about your hair grown too long. "Why you no cut your hair?"
Split-ends! The never-ending dilemma in your mind. Cut or no cut? Careful, you may lose onto your 'long-haired girl' image!

Forget about cutting hair or changing hairstyles; even the most basic thing like brushing your hair is a workout.

And then comes the 'I'm too exhausted for cleaning the clogged-up hairbrush' phase.
Just thinking about washing your hair will give you goose bumps, for the amount of time it would require and the amount of hair you would lose.
Shampooing is a planned activity. You clear your schedule for the day if you wanna style those strands.

You value every little drop of shampoo and conditioner. The amount of shampoo you require in a week can be mapped to a small country's bath. And you wondered where does most of your paycheck go!
Air-drying? Don't event think about. It takes 7.5 years to dry your hair.

Blow-drying comes along with neck pain, arm pain, shoulder pain, body pain!
Straightening, curling, or mere brushing your hair takes forever! And people wanna know the reason you're late for parties!
Your entire life goes in the quest of finding the perfect hair-tie―something that is big enough to hold all those long tresses, but small enough to hold them tight.
One word: Wind.
Gravity is your enemy. It drags your high ponytail down, making it low ponytail.

The messy bun is supposed to be effortless, but it takes you 34 tries to get it right. If only it stay put on your head for more than 10 minutes.

Wet buns give you headaches. Bobby pins HURT.
You find your hair everywhere! Your apartment is a place to keep all the hair that you shed.

Now this is getting disgusting. After every hair wash, cleaning the hair-clogged plughole.

I know you're amazed by those Pinterest DIY hairstyles. Wanna try them? All The Best!
You're quite habitual to the fact that your hair dips in your dinner. No matter how hard you try, your hair strangely finds its way to your food.
Your hair gets caught and stuck anywhere and everywhere. Jacket zipper, seat-belt of your car, in your lip-gloss, or in your mouth while you have the most passionate lip-lock with a guy.

You don't know what to do with your hair during the sleep sessions. It either interrupts your sleep or your snuggling moment.
Movies have given us unrealistic expectations. There is no such thing as a sexy hair flip. It leads to smacking someone right in the face!

It's completely pointless buying a sexy dress with the beautiful, open back.

The amount of hair you shed, makes you believe that you'd go bald. Soon.
And you have a love-hate relationship with your hair. No matter how much of a pain these strands are to maintain; it wouldn't be the same without you!
It's all become a part of living with luscious locks, dealing with days when the hairspray just doesn't work. For every bad hair day, there are a million of amazing things that make us nurture our tresses.