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Wonderfully Obsessive Ponytail Hairstyles for African-Americans

Ponytail Hairstyles for African-Americans
Ponytail hairstyles are one of the sleek looks, which are sophisticated, yet versatile. They look fabulous on anyone.
Aarti R
Last Updated: Feb 27, 2018
Ponytail and a pretty smile, roped me in from a country mile!
- Luke Bryan, Country Girl
African-American women can have a variety of hairstyles like braids or waves. Your hair may be silky smooth, straight, wavy, curly, or braided - if you want to tie your hair in a ponytail, you can!
Unlike what many women think, ponytails can look incredibly attractive and charming! Ponytail hairstyles are very popular. They suit any kind of hair. They can alternately make you look chic, trendy or sophisticated. They are very versatile, in that there is a type which will suit every face. There are many face shapes like round, oval, square, and oblong. Which ponytail hairstyle you choose should match and go well with your features and the shape of your face. In short, ponytails are for everybody, but the particular type of ponytail, varies from person to person, or should I say face to face?
Ponytail Hairstyles - There's One For Every Occasion!
The hairstyles for African-American women are significantly different from the purely American hairstyles. There are various types of African-American hairstyles like the weaves, braid hairstyles, cornrows and what not! All of these styles do not suit all women, but they all look cool on African-American women! There is a lot of variety in the African-American hairstyles, as they vary from the most comfortable ponytails to the trendy braids. Besides being beautiful and trendy, ponytail hairstyles are very convenient to make. Here are some such hairstyles for African-Americans.
High Ponytail
High ponytails are cool for summer. They give a relaxed and sporty look with the cornrows. However, high ponytails look very formal and sophisticated on straight hair. You can add a special dimension to a high ponytail, if you first braid your hair and then pull them back in a ponytail. It looks very sporty, and goes well with jeans and tee. If you have long hair, try to style them with high ponytail with plaits.
Ponytail with Bangs
Bangs too are very versatile. Bangs at the center of the forehead look very cute. You can keep them off-centered also for a very exotic and sexy and trendy look. While cutting bangs, cut them a bit longer than the desired length. This will avoid too short bangs which can spoil your hairstyle. Also, while cutting the side bangs keep in mind that they are longer than the front bangs. Ponytail hairstyles with bangs look cool on straight African-American hair.
Ponytail with Side Parting
Not all African-American women have curly hair. Besides, many African-American women like to get their hair straightened. If you have straight hair, or wavy hair, then a ponytail with a side parting looks fabulous. It prevents your hair from falling flat and adds a little bit of bounce on the head. Essentially, such a ponytail looks good when tied low on the neck. You can leave out a couple of tresses, or a well-defined side bang as well, depending on your haircut.
Messy Ponytail
This one is my favorite. It looks absolutely fabulous on wavy hair. The trick to get the perfect messy, scrunchy look is to NOT use a comb! When you wash your hair, towel dry them. Use a light leave-in conditioner, and let them dry on their own, naturally. Now simply collect your hair together, and loosely secure them with a scrunchie. You may even simply tie a knot. It looks amazing, especially for a day out on the beach!
Two Ponytails
This one is bound to be a hit among those girls who are bubbly, energetic, and full of life. Two ponytails look good on long hair as well as short ones. If you have hair that cascades below your shoulders, you can tie the ponytail slightly higher, on your head. If you have short hair that just reaches your shoulders, go for low two ponytails, around the base of your head. They look rather charming and cute!
Accessorize Your Ponytail
ponytail accessories
No matter what kind of a ponytail you opt for, you can always accessorize it. Try using tic-tac clips. You can even use a hairband on the days you don't want bangs bothering you. Hairbands on a ponytail look exceptionally sporty and no-nonsense. Using a scarf as a scrunchie also looks very feminine and chic. My favorite accessory for a ponytail, though, is a bandana. A bandana is almost as versatile as ponytails themselves are. You can fold it up into a broad makeshift hairband; you can fold it up into a triangle and use it with two ponytails; or you can use the bandana itself to secure your ponytail.
So those were some awesome ponytail hairstyles for African-American women. Whether you are a tomboy, a smart sophisticated professional, or just the girl next door, there is a hairstyle that will just suit your face and personality right! Explore and discover your own unique ponytail hairstyle today, and flaunt it!