Pomade Vs. Gel

A Brief Pomade Vs. Gel Comparison to Get You Out of Your Dilemma

Hair gel and pomade are the two most commonly used hair styling products. But what is the difference between them? To know more about the same, read the following HairGlamourista article as it provides necessary insights about these hair styling products.
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Last Updated: Feb 21, 2018
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Gone are the days when people used to think that hair styling and haircuts are meant only for women. In fact, over the past few decades, things have changes significantly and today's men do not hesitate in trying different styles for their hair. The truth is that, today there are different ways with which one can style their hair. Moreover, whether a person has long and textured, or short and tight hair, there are so many hair styling products like hair gels, pomades, mousse, etc., available that can be used to style or set hair for that perfect look. But with so many options available, it is inevitable to get confused deciding which hair product is best for the hair and how these products differ from each other.
Most of us who are faced with this confusion end up buying products which are not good for our hair texture and style, and further, if used for a long period of time, can even damage our hair. One such perplexing situation where most people finding themselves stuck is differentiating between hair gel and pomade. As both are hair care products for men, people tend to consider them similar, and often use one in place of the other.
Let us understand the difference and the significance of both these products in the following sections of this HairGlamourista article.
Hair Gel
Hair gel is a hair styling gel that helps to set your hair in the desired style and shape. Though it works well for both short and long hair, hair gel is exceptionally good for short hairstyles or any look that requires more precision. The gel helps to keep the style you want all day long, even in hot and humid days, without giving it a crusty or wet look. Amongst all other hair products like wax, pomade, mousse, etc., hair gel is strongest of all that won't let your hair move or change. However, a precaution needs to be taken that the gel should not be applied in excess quantities or it will make the hair look wet and crusty. In the case of gel, the lesser applied, the better the outcome. While applying, use a small quantity in one hand, rub in your hands and then apply to towel dried hair. Sculpt and style your hair with your fingers for a desired hair style.
Different gels are available in the market and they vary according to their 'hold' power. Like, you may get gels providing light hold, extra hold, and stiff hold. A good hair gel is one that not only shapes your hair, but also takes proper hair care. Since there are certain gels that contain alcohol which can dry/damage your hair, be careful while buying a hair gel and go for a gel that contains hair moisturizing properties.
Pomade is a greasy substance used for styling, spiking, and smoothing hair. It is a mix between hair gel and wax that provides a light hold on the hair to give that desired look without making the hair look very greasy. Unlike hair gel, pomade is soft on hair and usually contains nourishing and conditioning ingredients. It works great for short spiky styles instead of long hair, and works to keep every hair in place without any stiffness. However, like hair gel, pomade should be applied properly else your hair will look very oily. Only a small amount is enough to set and style your hair. Just take a small quantity of pomade on your fingertips, rub on your fingers, apply to your hair, and simply style and sculpt the hair with your fingertips.
To sum up, we can say that both these men hair styling products are similar in many ways and will give you the look you desire. Depending upon your hair texture and length, one can choose between them.
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