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Pixie Haircuts for Fine Hair

Pixie Haircuts for Fine Hair That'll Compel You to Get a Makeover

Pixie haircut is one of the most popular short haircuts. With the number of variations that one can have in this haircut and the fabulous look that this low maintenance haircut imparts to the face, it is soon becoming a hot favorite of many ladies. So here are some pixie haircuts for fine hair that you can consider while chopping off your locks for a fresh new look!
Mamta Mule
Last Updated: Jul 22, 2017
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A few years ago, short hair meant just a few styling options! Well, this is no longer the case with a number of short hairstyles ruling the fashion street. Checkout the runway fashion or flip through the recent editions of fashion magazines and you will find a lot of models sporting glamorous short hairstyles. Pixie haircut is one of the hot picks in the segment of short haircuts and you can see many men and women flaunting it off this season. If you were looking for a fashionable makeover for your locks while chopping them short, pixie haircut can be the thing to opt for. Ladies with fine hair can definitely opt for a pixie cut that works great on thin hair and mane with less density. Here are some ideas on stylish pixie haircuts for fine hair.
Smart Pixies
Pixie cut works best with optic straight hair. So when you opt for a pixie haircut, do make sure that your locks are straightened. Flat ironing is a must to maintain the cut if you don't have straight hair. To get the best effect, most of the hairdressers use razors for cutting the hair tips while chopping your locks into a pixie haircut. This gives a pointed and textured look to the hair tips.
Stunning Side Parted Look
While getting one of the various haircuts, you can consider the stylish side parted look. Deep side partition is amongst the popular hairstyling trends of the season which works extremely well with the pixie haircuts. You can keep the front section long to have flat side swept bangs. Highlighting your hair and giving them a dual tome effect is the best way to enhance this haircut. The long section can be manipulated and styled to have variations in your cut.
Layered Pixie Cut
A short layered pixie haircut can look simply wonderful. Well, if you though that layers can't be a part of short haircuts, then you have probably not seen how fabulous a layered, short pixie haircut looks! Go for uneven layers and have short razored bangs falling on your forehead. 'Side partition' or 'no partition', both styles work well with this haircut. The haircut can be jazzed up using styling gel. A spiky effect looks extremely fashionable with the layered cut. Opting for the frosted tips style of hair coloring is the ultimate way to give a finishing touch to this look.
Cool Messy Look
Messy haircuts undoubtedly offer the best option for donning a cool look. So what are you waiting for? Try a combo of messy look with your pixie haircut and you are ready to turn all those eyes towards you! With a well chopped pixie that can have short fringes and no layers, you can get the much happening messy look. Well don't forget to rightly highlight the mane in extreme shades like blonde, golden or golden brown.
While you plan to chop your fine hair into a short haircut, pixie cut is definitely the best option to be considered. Though there are a number of short haircuts for fine hair, pixie gives a look that is simply class apart. Hair coloring plays a major role in the appearance of a pixie haircut. The right hair coloring technique imparts a well-finished look to the cut. Once you get this cut, your locks can be played up in various ways to get a fresh look. Try different hair parting options or get a fresh finish with hair styling gel. So are you ready to show off you stunning look with the short pixie haircut?