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Sport a Versatile Pageboy Hairstyle for a Trendy and Elegant Look

Rimlee Bhuyan May 10, 2019
The pageboy hairstyle has been made popular by many celebrities, and is one of the best hairstyles for short hair. There are many different variations of this hairstyle.
The pageboy hairstyle was inspired and named after traditional English pageboys who used to sport this particular style of hair. It was very popular in the 1950s, when leading Hollywood ladies started to sport this funky hairdo. It is one of the best hairstyles for short hair, and it is not very hard to maintain.
In this hairstyle, the hair is cut up to jaw length on the sides, and left a little longer at the back. It is often combined with straight bangs. This type is great for women with straight and silky hair. It is similar to bob hairstyles, and there are many variations of the basic style.

Short Pageboy Hairstyles

Natalie Portman is one of the celebrities who sports this hairstyle. To create a Portman style hairstyle, ask your stylist to give you a haircut that is cut very close to the nape at the back with three-inch layers at the crown. The sides should come just below the ears. Also ask for eyebrow grazing bangs that are not too thick or choppy.
For styling this modern hairstyle, you need to wash and condition your hair and then blow dry the hair straight. Create this layered hairstyle with side swept bangs by parting the hair to the left or right.
The hair at the sides should also be blow dried to fall flat over the ears. This will give a very soft and feminine look which looks flattering on all women.

Retro Pageboy Hairstyle

If you are in love with this feminine 1950s' hairstyle, then you can recreate this style at home. To create the retro pageboy hairstyle, ask your stylist to cut your hair a little longer at the back without any layers and keep the hair at the sides just below the ears.
Also ask for straight bangs that ball just above your eyebrows. To style it into a retro hairstyle, wash and condition your hair and blow dry.
Now make an extreme part on the right side and clip the hair to one side. Take a hair roller and roll the hair above your forehead. Make sure that you roll hair backwards towards the crown. Now use six to seven hair rollers to curl hair at the right side. These curls should be towards your face, so roll the hair accordingly.
With the help of a curling iron, create tight curls at the back. Curls at the back should be only at the end of the hair.
Fix the style by spraying with a strong hold hairspray.

Layered Pageboy Hairstyle

This hairstyle works well on women who have slightly wavy hair. This hairstyle is very versatile and suits both young as well as mature women. Ask your stylist to give you short eight-inch layers at the crown with shorter layers at the back.
The hair at the sides should just about cover the ears with no layers cut through it. This will give hair at the sides movement and a swingy style. You can opt for fringes at the front which just graze your eyebrows. To style, shampoo and condition your hair with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner. Apply a bit of hair mousse and blow dry hair straight.
This hairstyle is very versatile but you need to make sure that it suits your face structure. Women with delicate features and gamine face structures look best in this hairstyle. Styling short hair in this way will make you look trendy and elegant.