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Pageant Hairstyles for Medium Hair

Exclusive Hairstyles for Medium Hair to Try for the Next Pageant

Most women with medium hair feel they don't stand a chance at winning a beauty pageant, but it is not so! There are many pageant hairstyles for medium hair, which will help you win that coveted crown.
Kritika Parwani
Last Updated: Aug 30, 2018
White Dress With Classic Hairstyle
When competing in any pageant, you obviously want to look your best. You have to make sure you have your outfit, make up, shoes and your hairstyle planned out. And if you think that all beauty contest winners have long, flowing tresses, think again!
Bride With Perfect Hairstyle
There are several pageant hairstyles for medium hair, which look stunning! It is not necessary to have long hair to look good on stage. The key here is to add glamour to your beautiful style to make it appropriate for the event.
Points to Ponder
Just because everyone else has long hair, it does not mean that you have to put on a wig or add hair extensions and accessories to imitate their long styles. You can make a statement with your medium-length hair by making a hairdo that highlights your best features, and complements your personality.
White Dress With Classic Hairstyle
Most women with medium hair keep it simple by giving a layered look to their hair or go for a bob cut, easier to maintain, as these styles require minimal hair care and yet, look great. But for a pageant, it is important to go in for a hairstyle, which stands out and has a glamour quotient in it to impress the judges.
Ideas for Medium Hair
Most crucial point to remember while selecting a hairdo for a beauty contest, is to select a hairdo that stays put for the entire event. It shouldn't open up while walking the ramp, answering a question or worse still, while taking your victory walk! Remember to use styles that are simple, elegant and most done with a lot of hairspray to keep them in place.
Classic French Twist
french twist hairstyle for pageant
For an evergreen classic look, French twist is perfect.
For a different twist to your French twist:

»  Start back combing, as it creates a little flair in the volume at your crown for a royal look. Then, make a ponytail with your hair.
»   Twist and turn back the hair and roll it into itself. Use pins to secure the roll at the back of the head. Make sure no bobby pins are visible after this.
Going Retro
glamorous woman in retro hairstyle
Retro look is a popular style seen on the red carpet.
Starlets such as Katherine Heigl and Charlize Theron proudly sport this style. Here is how you can get retro hair in a finger-waved style.
»   Apply hair gel to your wet hair and comb through your hair thoroughly.

»   Once the gel has set in, with the same comb, press the hair close to the scalp and move the comb in a waving motion to make the hair in a curve.

»   Repeat the same thing in inch, to inch in a half motion all around.
You have the option of either leaving the waves near the crown, or you can comb them once they have dried. Do not forget to use a hairspray. Also, keep in mind that this requires maximum hair care. If your hair is poker straight, and you don't think that the waves will last, it's best not to choose this look.
Edgy Look
beautiful woman in edgy hair bun
An edgy look suits medium or short hair.
»  Start by using a hair straightener and straightening gels or creams, to get the poker straight look.

»    To add texture, you can flip out the ends of the hair. Then, pull back your hair into a messy bun.

»   Allow the ends to fall freely. Use bobby pins to secure the bun. And of course, do not forget the hairspray.
Beautiful Lady In Red Dress
While you may like these hairdos, it is important to consider other factors, like your facial features and your body type. For example, girls with long necks wearing plunging necklines should definitely go for a twist or a knot.
Woman With Long Wavy Hair
Slicked hair suit defined cheek and brow bones.
Little Princess Girl Portrait
For beauty pageant hairstyles for kids it's best to stick to their natural look, or at the most, make curls with tongs, as updos and twists look a bit out of place for children.
Beautiful Woman
Choosing a good hairstyle is a key element in any event of this kind. It's best to plan it in advance, as this adds to your confidence. During the event, contestants need to impress the judges with their looks. The hair plays a pivotal role in making a good impression.
It is very important to learn how to do the hairdos for medium-length hair well before the actual occasion. Do not try out any new styles and ideas on the final night, as it will most likely result in a disaster. But remember the most important thing is to be confident, because after all, confidence is the key to success and also to the coveted crown!