These Natural Hairstyles for Black Women are Just Wow-worthy

Natural Hairstyles for Black Women
Many African-American women face lots of problems when it comes to hairstyles. This article tells you about natural hairstyles for black women that can enhance their look without damaging their hair.
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Last Updated: Jul 22, 2017
Everyone wants to have thick, shiny, smooth, and manageable hair. But most of the African-American women cannot fulfill this wish of theirs. Blame their genes, as their hair is naturally like that. They also tend to be very dry, frizzy, and highly unmanageable. Due to this, many of them resort to various hair care products and use different styling tools. This frequent and excessive use of artificial styling products further damages their hair. Most of them go for frequent hair straightening when it comes to having a hairstyle. However, even natural curly hair looks very nice and can become the crowning glory by trying out different hairdos. Instead of running behind artificial and unnatural hair, it is better to learn to play with the natural one. Natural hairstyles are easy to maintain and less expensive. They, most importantly, make you look natural and intense. You must be proud of what you are endowed with. And after all curly hairdos never go out of fashion. Here are some hairdos of this type for African-American women, that certainly look gorgeous and sexy if stylized properly.
Side Ponytail
This is one of the great choices. You do not have to undergo any rigorous process for this style. Just wash your hair with a mild smoothing shampoo and conditioner, and then let it air dry. Try to avoid hair dryers as they make your hair more dry and rough. Once it is completely dry, apply a little amount of hair serum or non-sticky hair oil and make it tangle free. Now, secure a low ponytail at either side of the head and your side ponytail is ready. This hairdo is very much in these days and suits almost any type of face shape.
Bandana Hairstyle
It is the best choice for one of those casual days. It is quite inexpensive, as they are easily and cheaply available in the market in a variety of designs. First, you need to buy one or more of these bandanas. There are two ways you can sport them. You can fold it and use it as a hair band, or fold it in triangular shape, so that it covers your hair. You can experiment with it in many ways. You could tie a high ponytail with a colorful scrunchy and then tie a bandana in a hair band style. If you are having a bad hair day, then cover your hair with the bandana. This way you'll be able to hide it and look cool at the same time.
Hair Bands
This is one of the best ideas for those with short haircuts. There are variety of hair bands available in the market. If you are young, then you can experiment with various other hair accessories such as colorful clips, beads, hair pins, etc. As per the occasion and your mood, you can select wide or thin hair bands. They are available in various materials such as plastic, metals, and elastic cloth, etc. If your hair is really thick, then go for broad metal or elastic ones and if you have thin hair you can experiment with the thin ones. You can also try various cloth types with some sequins and other delicate designs. These styles really look cute on teenage girls.
Open Hair
This hairdo looks good with long haircuts. Nothing can be more fashionable than flattering your natural long curls, as they are always the part of the trend. Wash your hair with a moisturizing shampoo along with the conditioner. If they are very frizzy, apply some hair oil or hair serum to make them manageable and soft. Let it air dry and leave the long locks open. If you have stubborn small curls, then follow the above procedure in the night and tie your hair when they are little wet and go to bed. In the morning, you will find your curls a little straight and stretched. Now, your front hair will look little manageable and stylish. To add glamor, you can get an entire or some of the strands colored.
Permanent Hairstyles
You can also go for traditional African-American hairstyles such as Afro and dreadlocks, etc. Those with long hair can go for different braiding styles, such as micro braiding, cornrows, and box braids, etc. Go to a professional hair dresser and get the braids done which can last for as long as a year. The advantage of these styles is that you will never have to comb your hair and you have to wash it only occasionally. It is like a one time investment-low maintenance hairdo and somehow looks unique and fantastic only on African people. Like this, there are many permanent ones that you can experiment with. For example, women with short and medium hair can go for bantu knots or twist outs which they can carry for many days and are easy to maintain.
Consider the aforementioned styles, which might prove useful. Moreover, they do not need the use of any chemicals, such as relaxers or perms to make your hair look stylish. You can use the products for natural hair and flaunt the look with style.
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