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Stylishly Staggering Natural Hair Twists, Coils, and Dreadlocks

Natural Hair Twists, Coils, and Dreadlocks
There are many women who prefer wearing their hair in natural styles. There are many hairstyles that look beautiful on natural hair.
Kanika Khara
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
One of the best ways of protecting natural hairstyles is by tying a satin scarf or bonnet at night before sleeping.
Natural hair, also known as Afro-textured hair, is stunning and gorgeous. While it is easy to alter the texture of the spring-like, helix-shaped, kinky hair with the help of flat irons and hot combs, retaining the natural texture and styling it into natural hairstyles is also very popular.

Many women and men have opted for innovative natural hairstyles instead of straightening their hair. There are many salons that cater specifically to styling and maintaining natural hair. Moreover, with some simple tips you can easily style your hair at home as well.

If you too want to retain your natural hair then there are many styling options available for you. Plaits, braids, twists, coils, and dreadlocks are some of the popular ways of styling Afro-textured hair. Most of these hairstyles require the hair to be divided into sections which are then styled.

In this HairGlamourista article we look at some popular twists, coils, and dreadlocks hairstyles.
Natural Hair Twists
Messy Updo
Messy Updo
Elegant Bun Updo
Elegant Bun Updo
Twist Hair Bun
Twist Hair Bun
Tired of plaiting and braiding your hair? Try natural hair twist hairstyles. These are not only very easy to style, but also quite simple to care for. It is a great hairstyling option, especially if you are attempting to grow your natural hair. To get a simple twist hairstyle, the hair is divided into sections. Strands of hair are twisted around one another for an amazing two strand twist. Here are the step-by-step instructions to help you.

► Before you start, condition the hair and towel dry.
► Part the hair with a fine-tooth comb. You can also try using larger and smaller sections to create a variety of looks.
► Apply some gel through the hair before you start to twist.
► Divide the hair into two parts and twist the hair downward in a spiral pattern.
► Pull the hair gently so that the hair holds the twist firmly. Continue this procedure until all the hair is twisted.

Wet Hair Twists Vs. Dry Hair Twists
Although the twists done on wet hair do shrink up and lie close to your head, they are often easier to style and set quite well. All you need to do is grab the sections of hair and twist them. As opposed to this, dry hair twists allow more visible length. You will need moisturizing butter, oil, or styling gel to set your dry hair into twists.

Styling Twists
Long twist hairstyles can be styled in various ways. You can pull it back into a loose pony at the back or side, or gather the hair into a high bun. For a more elegant look, try the French twist or an updo. Twist hairstyles can be combined with other natural styles like cornrows for a more versatile look.
Finger Coils
Finger Coils hairstyle
Coil Updo
Coil Updo
Cornrows and Coils
Cornrows and Coils
Hair coils or finger coils are a great option for natural hair of any length. It is a great style for people on the go who do not have the time to do plaits and twists. To get this style, you would need a finger comb or just use your pointer finger. Conditioned and freshly washed hair is sectioned. The section of hair is then stretched and twirled so that natural coils start to form. Here is the step-by-step process of getting hair coils.

► Moisten the hair slightly with water and separate the hair into small sections with a comb. Comb it well till it is free from tangles.
► Apply a styling gel to the section of the hair. Set a rat-tail comb at the roots of this section of hair.
► Slowly slide the comb up from the roots and gently turn the comb clockwise. Make sure you do it carefully and do not twist it too tight.
► Continue to do the same until the comb is out of the section of hair. Repeat the above-mentioned steps until all the sections are coiled.

Styling Coils
Coils are perfect for short kinky hair. If you want the coils to stay longer, ensure that the hair is coiled down to the scalp. You can style the coils into high ponytails or a messy updo.
Natural Hair Dreadlocks
Long Hair Dreadlocks
Long Hair Dreadlocks
Dreadlocks Updo
Dreadlocks Updo
Short Hair Dreadlocks
Short Hair Dreadlocks
Hair dreadlocks are made of heavy matted hair that are combined together. Dreadlocks form naturally if you let your hair grow without combing and washing for a long time. However, many techniques and hair products are available to style your hair into dreadlocks. Though, it can be done on any hair type, curly or kinky hair is best for dreadlocks.

► For dreadlocks, make sure your hair is nearly three inches long and free from any chemicals. You might need at least two people to assist you.
► Wash your hair with water, and don't use shampoo, conditioner, or any hair products. Dry and comb your hair. Grouping them without tangles and knots would be better.
► Depending upon how thick or thin you want the locks to be, group your hair from the underside into separate sections. Tie each section with a rubber band.
► Now choose a section of your hair, untie it, and start teasing from the root till you complete the entire section. A metal lice comb would be best for this process.
► Continue teasing till the hair is tight enough to hold together. Wet your hair with ocean water or rub some ash from a burnt wood on your hair to make the dreads stronger.

Styling and Maintaining Dreadlocks
Tighten the dreadlocks at least once in a month, and use a beanie to prevent the locks from entangling while sleeping. You can use shampoos available especially for dreadlocks to refresh the scalp without affecting the locks' quality. You can also apply wax on the locks that strengthen their quality and give them a better shape.

It is hard to style heavily matted hair but short dreadlocks can be tied into simple ponytails or half updos. For long hair, elegant dreadlock buns are also quite popular.

If you are willing to try, there are many styles for natural hair that can easily transform your hair into anything you want. The best hairstyles are the ones that are long-lasting, require less maintenance, and do not damage your hair.