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Say Goodbye to Gray Hair With These Natural Dyes

Natural Hair Dye for Gray Hair
As more and more people are becoming aware of the side effects of using harmful chemical hair dyes, they are resorting to herbal hair coloring options. Not only are these homemade natural dyes easy to apply, but are also inexpensive to acquire.
Deepa Kartha
Last Updated: Jan 24, 2018
Many people are choosing the option of hair coloring in order to get rid of gray hair. However, most dye and hair coloring products contain harmful chemical substances, like ammonia.

The ingredients of dyes are toxic and cause irritation leading to problems of skin, eyesight as well as respiratory passages. Therefore, it is better that people opt for herbal hair dyes, which are effective, as well as safe.

Here are some of the common ones used:
Henna Hair Dye
henna hair dye
Henna is one of the best herbal hair dye, which is most commonly used by people to cover their gray hair. To dye your hair, take three tablespoons of henna in a bowl and mix it with eucalyptus oil. Add two tablespoons of decoction of black coffee or tea into this bowl and mix well. This mixture should be prepared at least 12 hours before applying it on the hair. Once you apply the henna on your hair, keep it for one to two hours (not more than that) and wash it with lukewarm water.
Black Pepper with Yogurt
Take 100 grams of yogurt and add 1 gram of black pepper to it. Mix this concoction thoroughly and apply it on your scalp. Leave the mixture on your hair for one hour and rinse your hair, using a herbal shampoo. The function of the black pepper is to darken the hair while yogurt helps in removing the dandruff and making the hair silky.
Brew coffee in a pot and allow it to become lukewarm. Apply the liquid to your hair and leave it for an hour. Then rinse it off to get a beautiful dark hair color.
Rosemary and Sage
Boil 100 grams of dry sage in two cups of water for half an hour and let it soak in the same water for some more time. Use this solution on your hair and leave it till your hair becomes dry and then wash it off. Make a tea with rosemary and sage, strain it through a sieve and store it in the refrigerator. Apply it on the gray areas of your hair and keep it for 5-10 minutes before rinsing. For best results, use this mixture everyday to wash your hair.
Marigold Flowers
marigold flowers
Marigold flowers not only have hair coloring properties, but are also good for the health of the hair. Crush marigold flowers and mix it in water. Boil it till the color of the water changes to rich brown. Cool the mixture and strain the water. Apply the liquid to your hair and wash off after sometime to get lustrous locks.
Apply a mixture of tea, lavender and yogurt to your hair. Leave it for about half an hour to get the desired result.
Take shells of walnuts and boil them in water. Strain the water and allow it to cool. Apply the liquid on your hair and leave it for an hour. Wash off to get a rich dark color.
Calendula and Chamomile Flowers
Mix dried calendula petals, lemon peel and chamomile petals in water. Boil the mixture till a brown color appears. Set aside and strain the water. Apply the mixture on your hair and leave it for an hour before washing it off.
Some natural hair dyes
✦ Saffron
✦ Turmeric
✦ Cinnamon
✦ Cranberry juice
✦ Beet juice
✦ Carrot juice
✦ Yellow flowers
✦ Cherry tree bark
✦ Tomato juice
✦ Cocoa Powder
Tips for Coloring Hair
➜ Rinse your hair thoroughly to remove residual traces of the hair dye.

➜ Mixing apple cider vinegar with your shampoo can help to remove traces of natural hair dye.

➜ Do not forget to condition your hair after you wash them.

➜ Wear old clothes while applying the mixture or drying your hair.

➜ Remember, the longer you leave the mixture on, the stronger will be the color.

➜ You can also use Kool-Aid to color your hair at home.

Many companies are coming up with natural dyeing products, however, before you buy any of them, do a thorough research about the ingredients used. You can also massage mustard seed oil in your scalp and leave it overnight to get dark-colored hair over a period of time. Apart from getting rid of the gray hair, it is also important to take proper hair care in order to get healthy and beautiful locks.
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