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Stunning Mohawk Hairstyles Specially for African-Americans

Mohawk Hairstyles for African-Americans
Mohawks are stunning hairstyles. Here are various ideas of styling African-American hair into Mohawk hairstyles.
HairGlamourista Staff
Last Updated: Jun 6, 2018
Did You Know?
Mohawk Haircut
Mohawk hairstyles were traditionally worn by American-Indians to display the sect to which they belonged. Only wild Indians wore this haircut, because it was meant to look like an ax blade.
Mohawk Hairstyle
Mohawks became popular during the 1980s, when everybody tried to make the spikes as long and as colorful as possible
Such hairstyles were styled with glue and ironed flat, which is not an easy style to maintain. However, today mohawks are gentler and subtler. Also, there are many types of mohawk styles, and most don't even include spikes.
Woman With Mohawk Hairstyle
One can also opt for faux mohawk styles, where one need not shave the sides of their head.
Hairstyles for Women
Pin-up Mohawk Style
If you have curly hair then this style can look great on you, also for this style you don't have to shave the side hair. All you have to do is pin-up all the hair at the center of your head, and leave some loose curls in the front for a relaxed look.
Curly Mohawk
Curly Mohawk
For this style, cut your sides into tiny crops. Apply pomade to them, to secure them in place. Use your fingers to direct the curls upwards and then form the additional side bangs.
Bold Mohawk Style
Bold Mohawk Style
For this haircut, cut your side hair very short and add extra hold gel to the longer strips of the hair at the top and run it through your fingers.
Comb your hair as straight as possible and angle it a bit forwards and upwards. Use a hairspray to hold the style better.
Braided Mohawk Hairstyle
Braided mohawk hairstyle is a great option for those who don't want to close-crop their hair. The sides of the head are braided into cornrows in such a way that all the hair are gathered in the middle of the head. This kind of mohawk gives the messy hair look. The front hair section of the mohawk can be styled to form bangs.
Undercut Mohawk
Undercut hairstyles are 'in' this year. Undercut mohawk is quite popular and there are various styles of undercut mohawk.
Punk Gothic Look
The sides are shaved close to the scalp and middle section of the hair is kept longer, while long bangs are maintained. Many people tend to get cool designs on the undercut section.
Spiky Mohawk
Spiky Mohawk
Another style of mohawk is the spiky one. The middle section of the hair is styled spiky with a strong hold gel, and each section is separated to add more to the style.
Hairstyles for Men
Traditional Twisted Mohawk
For this style, shave the sides of your head and leave around 4 inches of the top hair long. Apply a relaxing hair product to work on the hair easily, then spike them up with gel, but work to make subtle spikes. Let some hair strands fall a bit forward to create a messy mohawk.
Simple Mohawk
Simple Mohawk
These short mohawk hairstyles are very easy to get and maintain. All you have to do is cut your hair very short, then shave hair at the sides and leave the middle hair at it is, and voila!
Faux Hawk
Faux Hawk
Cut the sides of the head short and the middle strip of your hair properly. Then with the scissors the hair ends are snipped off to create definition. Using a strong hold gel, style the middle part of the hair upwards.
Punk Mohawk
Man With Mohawk Hairstyle
For this style you shave the sides of your hair and form spikes with the hair at the middle of your head. Color the spike tips with different bright hair colors to give it a punk look.
Long Mohawk
Man With Mohawk
The sides of the hair can be cut into crops or shaved. Then the middle section of the hair is kept longer, with the hair near the crown kept the longest.
Use a strong hold gel and style the top hair upwards. If you want some bangs, style the crown hair section upwards and a bit forwards, so that few locks fall on the forehead.
Undercut Mohawk
Undercut Mohawk
The undercut mohawk styles for men are usually done simpler to that of the women. In these styles, the sides are cut close to the scalp, while the middle section is swept back. You can wear some cool hipster glasses with this style.
Man With Mohawk
These were the various mohawk hairstyles. So, choose a style you like and sport a stunning mohawk hairdo!