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New Modern Hairstyles for Women

Peppy, Modern Hairstyles for Women to Add a Skip in Their Stride

Forget bad hair days! Here are some cool ideas for modern hairstyles for women, which can pep up a boring day at work and cause quite a few women to go green with envy!
HairGlamourista Staff
Last Updated: May 31, 2018
Woman with curly blonde hair
The modern woman expects nothing but the best when it comes to fashion, hair, clothes, accessories, and her overall appearance. She is constantly on the go and knows how to balance her professional and personal life with great élan.
Girl with curly hair
She is talented and knows how to find her own way through many seemingly impossible situations. She is a go-getter and it is this attitude that has seen many such leading ladies scale great heights.
French braid hairstyle
Not only does she excel at the workplace, when it comes to fashion, she is svelte and stunning as well! She knows how to pick the right attire, present herself in the right manner, and of course don the right attitude as well.
Brunette with highlights hair
The fashionable women of today are not only conscious of their clothes and designer attire, but they meticulously look after other aspects as well. They don't like to compromise on anything and when it comes to hair, it becomes all the more important!
Everything that is new today is mostly a 'recycled' or an 'inspired' version of style from the early years. Hairstyles from the 1940s and 1950s are coming back with a vengeance, but with a twist in the story. The new versions are sleek and chic and so, we have hairstyles that may have their base years back, but are modified to suit the modern women of today.
Modern Hairstyles for Women
For Long Hair
Beautiful women with long hair
Long locks may seem to be a little difficult to manage, but look fabulous when styled in layers. Nothing that is worth doing or having comes easy. This works well for a broad face, framing it efficiently and beautifully.
Woman side view
Straight and long hair look really sleek when pulled back into a simple ponytail which looks modern with hair accessories. Add some bangs in the front or a fringe for the glam factor.
Girl With Stylish Updo
Modern hairstyles are also about braids and stylish updos. Updos are gaining prominence nowadays and are the most popular choice for weddings and prom nights. Updos are considered to be really uber cool and add to the beauty of your entire look when combined with a gown, truly red carpet style!
For Short Hair
Woman in stress
Short hair rates high when it comes to modern styles. It can look truly contemporary when styled to perfection. If you already have a bob haircut, why not go in for a blunt bob that can be worn with a fringe? This would work best for straight hair.
Beautiful Red Haired Woman
The short shags are truly modern in their look because the cuts and the flicks given by the hairstylist can turn you from a plain Jane into a glam goddess. The curly bob maybe a little vintage in its appeal, but it is definitely making a comeback on the fashion.
Fashionable Girl With Sunglasses
The bob hairstyle can also be worn in different ways like the romantic bob or the messed up look. Short shags and messy hairdos are therefore very popular.
For Medium Length Hair
Beautiful bride woman
Medium length hair can also give you an amazing opportunity to try a variety of new hairstyles.
Young Woman on Green Background
It can be appropriate for the wavy shag that can give you a flirtatious look. Layers also work well with this length. Braids look good, too. Women with high foreheads can add bangs and fringes to complete the look.
Bangs For Straight Hair
Add Some Color
Woman with highlights hair
Hair coloring can add a whole new dimension to your entire look. You can opt for highlights or low lights, whichever best suits your hairstyle and face.
Woman With Great Curly Hair
Adding some color to your tresses can turn any simple hairstyle into a fashionable one. New hairstyles are all about showcasing your individuality and feeling confident about yourself!
African Woman Curly Short
Short Side Hairstyle
Curly hair of girl
Ask your stylist to opine you on which hairstyle and hair colors would suit you the most. There is also the convenience of opting for hair extensions if you have short hair and want to enjoy long tresses. These are a great way to sport a new hairstyle no matter what the original length of your hair is.