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18 Medium-length Hairstyle Ideas That'll Give You a New Look

Kashmira Lad Sep 29, 2018
Want to give yourself a new look without trying something out of the box? Go in for medium-length haircuts that will give your face a new dimension without you having to take a risky gamble.

Quick Tips

  • Thin hair? Add choppy layers to get a voluminous look.
  • Thicker hair? Go in for blunt cuts and longer lengths to give shape without getting bulky.
The way we style and maintain our hair says a lot about us. The cut of your hairstyle can help to alter your appearance to a great extent. Besides, for the working woman, having a haircut that's stylish and professional, which is also easy to maintain, forms one of the basic criteria.
One needs to consider the shape of the face to style the hair. Often, your hairstylist can offer you options as to what would suit you the best. But it is necessary for you to do some groundwork before you actually take the plunge and go in for a new haircut.

Medium Haircuts

Medium haircuts are where the length of the hair is between the jaw and the shoulders. You can make them funky, formal or elegant. You can opt for a layered look for medium haircuts, they help in adding volume to the cut. This hair length is also versatile, which proves to be more useful for layering. This is beneficial to bring attention to your features.
Medium haircuts are great for the flexibility they offer over other hairstyles. These hairstyles prove to be perfect for especially those who are either too scared to snip off their hair way too short or for those who do not have time to maintain long hair and fuss around with hair care. A variety of styles can be created without too many hassles.
Be it curly, wavy or straight hair, these hairstyles suit every kind depending on the texture of the hair. These hairstyles offer a comfortable hair length because it is neither too short nor too long! You can accentuate them in your own way, with layers or bangs to add an element of interest.

Ideas for Medium-length Hairstyles

Simple and Flawless

Short Fringes on Layered Hair

The simplest and most popular of all shoulder-length hairstyles is the sleek hairstyle look. She's screaming―simple is in! (Was that ironic?) Add short fringes or baby bangs to your layered look. Shoulder-length haircut with a long bang opening your face is perfect for well-cared, relaxed hair. It can be worn both with a center or side parting.

Blunt Bangs

Shaggy Bangs

Blunt bangs with layers is a trendy hairstyle! The shaggy bangs on the side carry the sleek look with layered ends.

Gentle Wave Curls

Seductive Curls

If wet look is what you desire, you can go in for something shown on the right. All you need to do is put hairspray on your natural locks and tousle them to gain a seductive look.

Medium Bob

Loose Wavy Hairdo

If you don't want to cut your hair short, go in for a layered medium-length bob cut. This sexy look suits any face shape. You can wear the hairstyle with highlights, fringes or bangs.

Angelic Curls with Loose Wavy Bangs

Curly, Unruly, NOT Frizzy

Confused to wave or to curl? Try fusion. The hairstyle has nice angelic curls with beautiful long bangs waved and eventually blend into curls. Do we need to talk about the curly and unruly hair? They are perfect for flaunting the way they are!

Volumizing Perm

Messy, Undone, Sexy Look

Volumizing perm, of course, increases the volume of your hair, giving you a fuller look. And the much desired hairstyle, the messed-up bed hair. Flaunt the sexy, undone, mess on a date night.

Textured Look

Straight Bangs-Textured Ends

Bangs with textured ends, hairdo―straight crown tied like a school pony with frizzy ends is trending. Try layered or shaggy side-swept bangs and set the natural hair free.

Defined Curls

Retro Curls

Define your curls―relaxed, ringlets, romantic curls, spiral waves etc and create acharm. It is styled into retro curls, giving the vintage feel.

Pompadour with Frizzy Curls

Braided Ponytail

Wanna try something different? Tease the crown, put a pompadour that suits your face type, and let loose those shoulder-length frizzy hair. If nothing else works, go braiding! Stylish yet chic!

Maintenance and Styling Tips for Medium Haircuts

  • Trim every 4 to 6 weeks to maintain the basic haircut.
  • Use highlights to add dimension and accessories to create new looks.
  • Use reputed styling products.
  • Blow-dry your hair using a large round brush to accentuate the layers.
  • Maintain the volume by using shampoos and condition your hair as well.
  • Maintain a healthy diet.