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Impressive Medium Length Hairstyle Trends for Women Over 40

Medium Length Hairstyles for Women Over 40
Many older women look for medium length hair styles as it is easy to maintain and also suits them. There is no age that stops women from being stylish. You can maintain your 'oomph' and look, with the following hairstyles.
Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
Last Updated: Feb 2, 2018
Age is an undeniable fact of life and can never be outrun. Age catches up with all, sooner or later and begins to show its physical signs. In order to subdue the signs of aging, we need to take some care of the way we look and carry ourselves. One of the ways to age graciously, is wearing a hairstyle that will suit your age and maturity.
Haircut Trends for Middle-aged Women
The medium length hairstyles work best for any kind of hair texture and face cut. There are a number of hairstyles like bobs, updos and haircuts that ooze style and make a woman over 40 look even more gorgeous. The following are some hairstyles which will add to their elegance and cut down the age factor from their faces.
You can try the traditional bob cut, the inverted bob cut or the asymmetrical bob cut. The traditional bob cut is a cut straight around the head and has a length that is anywhere below the years. You can wear this style with side swept bangs and blunt bangs around the forehead.

The inverted bob cut is cut short and tapered in the back. It is left to grow longer and slant towards the face. You can wear this look with a sleek cut and choppy layers. In case of asymmetrical bob cut, the bob is tapered in the back and kept longer in the front. One side of the hair is kept longer than the other and angled towards the face.
The pixie haircut is cut close to the head and with longer hair strands that are kept anywhere around the face or head. It is layered and razored, that gives a messy look and is great for women who want to hide gray hair.
You can try this haircut for texture and body. You can wear your hair straight or curly with the layers. You can even try any of the above mentioned bangs with asymmetrical layers.
This is yet another low maintenance hairstyle. You can ask your hair stylist to cut your hair short and add lots of layers and soft wispy edges around the face. The bangs can be kept cheek length and layered.
The razor hairstyles for women over 40 will never look 'undone'. You need to brush your hair downward to create more fluff in the hair. This helps in giving you a more conservative look. You can even try a two-tone hair color to add some more depth and style to your look.
Hairstyles for Round Faces
For women with round faces, the hairstyles that will help give an impression of a narrow face are more suitable. Hairstyles that have fullness and height at the crown, help achieve this look. You can go in for a cut with layers that is close to your face. This helps the face look longer. You can choose hairstyles that are swept back from your forehead, or are longer than chin length. You can even try side bangs and wispy fringes.

You will feel confident and contended with these hairstyles. Look at Salma Hayek, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez and Michelle Pfeiffer. What do these simply gorgeous women have in common? You got it right, long hair. So, it is up to you to care for your hair and make it your crowning glory. You can also try some hair coloring ideas to give a new look and feel to your hair.
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