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Marvelous Medium-length Hairstyles for Women

Dhanya Joy Oct 23, 2018
Medium-length hair is the easiest to manage and maintain, and opens you to a lot of hairstyles that you can try out. Here are some of the most basic-yet-chic options to choose from.
Be it for men or women, hairstyle is the most crucial aspect of how good (or ordinary) a person looks! The task becomes all the more daunting for women, who have to ensure that the hair length and style they sport must reflect their personality. Usually, haircuts tend to pass statements on their own.
For instance, women with short hair are often considered to be eccentric, independent, and bold.
On the other hand, those with long hair are considered more delicate and feminine. While opinions will always vary, and we don't mean to sound judgmental, it is true that your hair speaks a lot about you.
The best thing about medium-length hair is that it suits all face shapes and hair types, and is gaining popularity due to the versatility of hairstyles that can be sported with it. It is also easy to maintain and carry off.
From quick-to-do tie ups to elaborate braiding and layering, different hairdos can be obtained, giving you a different look for every occasion.

Hairstyles for Women with Medium-length Hair

Layered Hairstyles

They suit all face shapes. The layers can be added on different levels with different lengths, either for the entire hair or for the lower.
Medium-length hair can be layered by a method known as 'face framing'.
Layered hairstyles also provide ample room for experimentation of kinds such as highlights.

Bob Hairstyles

These have been in fashion for a long time now, and of late, many variations have been tried to add glamor. The popular bob hairstyles include the classic bob, which is easy to carry and maintain, and suits those with thin hair.
Romantic bob suits wavy hair and facial details, length just below the jaw with low upkeep of trimming every 5-6 weeks.
The angled bob hairstyle is most suitable for a round face and thin hair. The hair edges are given a razor cut, and it looks classy!

Updo Hairstyles

Updos are ideal for formal occasions and can be done easily and quickly. Updo Hairstyles include the French twist, the knotted updo, a bun, etc.
These can be adjusted to stay for a long time using hair-styling techniques and holding gels. They can be enhanced using various hair accessories including hair clips, barrettes, flowers, etc.

Shaggy Hairstyles

Shaggy hairstyles have been popular among many because they are so easy to maintain! They look great on those with curly hair or thick hair.
Shaggy hairstyles serves well to complement your face shape and makes it easy to leave the hair loose for a long time. As the look is a messy one, frequent combing or adjustment is not required.
The wavy shag works best with straight hair and also adds some volume to very fine hair. However, keep in mind to keep the layers long for the wavy hair, to avoid frizz.

Braid Hairstyles

This is ideal for those who wish to make their hairstyle last for long.
Different braiding styles include cornrow braids, Senegalese twists, micro braids, etc.
However, keep in mind that these hairdos need to be maintained well and will need a considerable amount of hair care. Also, excessive braiding may cause hair damage.
With so many different looks that you can adorn, it would actually be quite interesting to form a new avatar every now and then, to make the best use of the length you have. With short hair, there aren't much options, and when the hair is too long, you can't really do some interesting quick styles, because the handling can become tedious.
However, medium-length hair gives you loads of options, including the ones discussed here. So, let your hair loose for party, tie it up in a bun for work, and braid it up when you just want to go out and soak the sun. May you never have a boring hair day!