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Long Layered Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Tame Your Thick Hair With These Special Long Layered Hairstyles

Thick hair can look like a cloud if not cut properly. Also, unkempt thick hair tends to fall on your face, which is quite irritating. To tame it, you need the right hairstyles and cuts.
Rohini Mohan
Last Updated: Mar 14, 2018
Thick hair can be very tough to manage and maintain. There seems to be very few hairstyles, that actually show through in really dense hair. It probably has something to do with the weight of the hair which sort of messes with usual hairstyles.
On the other hand, thick hair is a blessing to have, because you can be sure that no matter how much you experiment with your haircut, chop it, bleach it, or color it - your hair growth will not be compromised. It will grow back to normal without having to worry about hair fall.
Layered Hairstyles for Women with Thick Hair
Beehive Hairdo
Woman with middle part and long layers
Woman with Cleopatra bangs and layered hair
Young woman with layered curly hair
Young woman with bangs and feathered layers
Young woman with long layered wavy hair
Young woman with side swept bangs and long layered hair
Pretty woman with layered hairstyle
Side Swept Bangs
Hairstyles that add layers which start from the top and descend towards the tips, help make the face look sleeker and more chiseled. When bangs are added to these, it allows many women to cover high foreheads so that the other features on the face are given focus. Women can opt for side swept bangs. These bangs can be kept rather long so that it mingles with the rest of the hair or it can be cut short so that it falls over one of the eye. The advantage of this hairstyle is that the side swept fringe looks excellent with other hairstyles as well, such as a simple ponytail, a single French braid, and even with a normal headband. You can combine this hairdo with scarves or bandannas as well. The biggest advantage is that it makes women of all age look younger, and coloring a few strands can add a whole lot to your personality.
Cleopatra Bangs
Women can also go in for the Cleopatra hairstyles combined with layered step cut, which makes the hair cover the entire forehead while the rest of the hair remains long. The hair can be kept pin straight or can be styled to fall in waves or big curls. However, the mandatory rule of this hairstyle is that the forehead section must have pin straight hair covering the area-this is what gives the distinct Egyptian appeal. If you have this hairstyle, make it a point to accentuate the beauty and sharpness of your eyes with makeup. Otherwise, it will make most women look much younger or childish. You have to bring out the edgy attributes that are attached to this haircut. Also, a Cleopatra hairdo is so dynamic that it will completely change the way you used to look. It will bring out a more edgy and sharper you. Add a few highlights to your fringe if you feel the need to be more experimental.
Middle Partition Hairdo
Most women can also try the middle partition, wherein the hair is equally parted from the center of the scalp. You may then add layered steps to your hair. Once again the hair may be left straight or with slight waves. You may even add slight highlights so as to give a new dimension to the entire look. This is a very earthly and natural way of setting the hair. This hairstyle looks best on people with oval and longer facial structures. It also works wonders in helping reduce the chubbiness of the face by partly hiding the cheeks and giving a more chiseled facial structure. However, you must make it a point to ensure that the layers added progress in step cuts and become longer as they descend towards the tips.
Curly Layers
If you are blessed with thick and long curls, you ought to make the most of it! A very rare and beautiful combination, which must be capitalized to the fullest. Let the curls loose and add distinct and visible layers to them. Smaller layers do not show on curly hair and almost always get lost in crowd. If you wish, you may add a very slight shade of highlight to your hair, so as to make the layers more distinct. If you are bored with your curls, you may really thin out the hair from the tips so that there are but a few curls left to reduce the volume of your hair. The biggest problem that women with curly hair experience is that they feel that their hair tends to look a bit too bushy. Therefore, you may crop some excess hair off and get a sleeker hairstyle, if you do not mind taking the risk. You could also try straightening out a few strands of curls in odd places, so that these straight hair blend with the curls and bring out a new and more attractive twist to your appearance.
Feathered Layers
Feathered layered hairstyles are a great 80's hairdo option for women with straight and slightly wavy hair. Get your hair cropped into continuous layers and then get them curled using a blow dryer. This hairstyle looks really edgy as well as subtle, when worn with a mild side fringe. So basically, your hair gets progressively longer as it reaches the tip, and then it flares out. This hairstyle looks great on women who have really thick hair, because the thicker the hair, the denser the feathers appear. It also takes away the monotony of wearing straight hair all the time. The days you wish to have rather normal hair, you simply have to let them air dry, while on feathery days, use a roller brush and blow dry. As simple as that.
Fringy Waves
This hairstyle is a classy combination of wavy to curly hair along with a straight forehead fringe. The fringy waves are perfect for every occasion and add a lot of feminine appeal to ones personality. You may fearlessly highlight your hair if you feel the need, or simply let the waves and the bangs blend into each other. If you have long hair but thinner hair on the crown, remember to get extra and rather short layers so as to give a fuller look to the hairstyle. You need not always have to straighten out your fringe and may sometimes allow them to be slightly wavy. You can straighten out the hair tips and leave some wavy chunks of hair in a few places. This will give more volume to your hair every time you feel the need.
Puffy Layer
If you have really long hair and a whole lot of it and are really fond of olden hairstyles, then the puffy layers are the perfect choice for you! You may add all the layers you wish at the tip of your hair, while ensuring that the hair on top remains long. This hair will be used for creating a bun, puff, or even the beehive hairdo. The hair at the tips are layered and let loose, while the hair on top creates the puff. The puff needs to be made of straight hair as wavy or curly hair does not work for this style. Nonetheless the tips can be kept in waves or even dense curls, much like the Victorian era hairstyles. Secondly, a must have for this hairstyle is a hair setting spray as it helps to keep the puff intact.
Hairstyles for Men with Thick Hair
Guy with spiky hair
Guy with long layered hairstyle
Stylish guy with spiky hair
Young guy with layered hair
Young guy with layered hair
Man with middle part and long layered hair
Grunge Emo Hairstyles
If you are young and rebellious, try Emo colors such as sea green, deep metallic purple, electric blue, silver white, or velvet plum or red. There are innumerable options available in the color palette department when it comes to edgy hairstyles. Men can go in for long layered hairstyles, where they can keep random and prominent hair strands very long and certain others comparatively short. Thereafter, they can add hair color to either the short strands or to the bangs or only to the longer hair strands. There are innumerable varieties of emo hairstyles available for men-you may choose whichever you like best or you could get yours custom designed by your hairstylist. You have the complete freedom to opt for the color of your choice and need not always go in for the ones which we see so commonly these days. Being an emo means, that you get to do what you like the way you like it. So go ahead and do just that and flaunt your own style.
Swept Wavy Bangs
Men can get side bangs and choose to cut their hair short from the nape. Or, they can keep it as long as the shoulders or more, where the hair falls in steps. You need not have straight hair so as to try this hairdo. Guys with mild wavy hair and even super curly hair, can safely give this a go ahead. Either you keep the hair short or cropped at the nape or you let them stay long. This too looks great on guys who have a slightly thinner physique as it makes their face look fuller. You may seem like the guy next door, but you will look like a much cooler one. This style is not too over the top and suits men who do not wish to go overboard trying to emulate the ever-changing trends. Get a hairstyle that you are the most comfortable and confident in because at the end of the day, how you appear will depend a lot on how you feel about yourself.
Layered Messy Hairdo
There isn't much you need to do when it comes to looking after this hairstyle. All you need is to get your hair cropped in a way that the hair on top is longer, and is shorter at the nape and temples. After which you will need to use some hair gel to set your hair in a messy hairdo. That's it! This hairstyle has the 'GREASE' and the 'T-BIRDS' effect, which to this date remains a hot favorite among guys. This is a really convenient hairstyle as it gives you the 'just walked out of bed' look, while ensuring that you look rugged and trendy. It has that carefree appeal, which makes you seem like an easygoing guy with whom people can get along well. Basically, it makes you seem amiable. That will definitely works in your favor.
Feathered Layers
This hairstyle can be tried by guys who have either straight or ever so slight wavy hair. Get a messy full forehead bang and then casually slide them to one side. Let the hair be slightly longish so that the hair can curl outwards into feathered layers. The hair on the nape of the neck will need to be kept long as well. This hairdo has an ever so slightly windblown effect that looks great during summers and spring time. It also has its own carefree attitude, which makes it a suitable option for teenagers and younger men. It's a hairstyle you would find a surfer, or a biker, or a skateboarder wearing and looking completely relaxed. So if you're in the mood for a vacation, go get yourself this chilled out haircut.
Spiked Layers
This is another really edgy hairdo for men with pin straight hair. Dealing with absolutely straight hair is a very dull job and can get tediously boring. Fortunately, there is a lot that can be done to make straight hair look edgy by making spikes out of them. A good hair gel is all you need in order to try this hairdo. Secondly, there are a variety of spiked hairstyles that you can experiment with each passing day. Adding a few razor cuts on the temple can give great personality to your haircut.
Whatever may be the case, long hair is a rarity these days. Not many can handle the efforts that go into looking after it. Women with long hair have this innate mystique about them with it adding to their feminine charms.
I hope you now have a clearer idea about the sort of hairstyle that you desire. Though it would be better if you discuss the styling you want with your hairstylist. They may be able to recommend certain improvements that will suit your facial structure.