Long Inverted Bob Haircuts for 2012

Inverted bobs are the hot new styles. If you have long hair, then try out the long inverted bob haircuts with some cute bangs.
Today, edgy styles are getting very popular. Choppy layered messy styles and razor-cut soft wispy hairstyles look great. Gone are the days of neat looking symmetrical hairstyles. Now, people go for more edgy and messy styles. Though, many people prefer the sleek hairdos which are mostly razor-cut. One of the popular hairstyle today is the inverted bob. Inverted bob is called so, because it is opposite of the conventional bob haircut. Before, the hair near the nape of the neck used to be longer, and sides used to be shorter, giving a 'U' shape appearance to the hair when looked from the back. But when you observe a long inverted bob back view, you will notice an 'inverted U' shape appearance. These styles today are extremely popular, and there are hundreds of variation of this style too. One can get a unique inverted bob by mixing and matching various hair cutting techniques. If you have long hair, then the scope of cutting your hair into cool new style is even more.

Blonde inverted bob with side swept bangsHalf-face close up of woman with long inverted bob

How is an 'Inverted Bob' Cut?
So, first the basic question - how is an inverted bob cut? No matter which variation of inverted bob you go with, the basics of hair cutting for an inverted bob remain the same. First, the stylist will ask you the length of the hair which you want. For long inverted bobs, you can keep the length till the chin, till the shoulder, or even longer. Once the hair length is decided, the stylist will cut the hair to an even length. For curly or wavy hair type, the hair is cut longer than the desired length, because the hair will shrink back once it gets dry. The stylist will cut the hair at the back shorter and the hair on the sides longer. Mostly, the hair at the back is cut very short near the nape of the neck. The hair on the sides is cut deliberately edgy, for a more prominent look.

Variations of the Haircut
There are many variations of the inverted bob. The inverted bob with some sort of bangs is a good way to quickly add style to the hair. There are many bang styles to choose from too. However, some bangs look good only with certain types of inverted bob styles, so choose wisely. For example, you can go with a sleek symmetrical long inverted bob with Cleopatra style bangs.

For a unique look, you can try out an asymmetrical long bob haircut, with asymmetrical bangs. You can keep one side till your chin and other side a bit below your shoulder. Then cut the front hair into asymmetrical bangs. For a stylish look, you can consider getting a symmetrical inverted bob, and pair it with side sweeping bangs. Long layered bob haircuts with the graduated effect are also very in. You can consider going with a choppy layer inverted bob style, and keep the bangs cut choppy too. If you want volume, then get some layers on your inverted bob, and flip the hair ends outwards, and pair it with Cleopatra style blunt bangs. You can also try stacked inverted bob. For this bob, the hair at the back will be cut so that the hair near the crown looks stacked. You can also cut an inverted bob and then flip the hair ends upwards, for a cool retro look.

If you are looking for a bold look then consider trying out some unique styles. You can cut your inverted bob in such a way that there are two long strands of hair left on both the sides. Or you can consider a portion near the nape of the neck or at side longer and then style the long hair into a braid. You can also consider dyeing your long inverted bob with some hot pink or purple streaks. Or you can dye the hair in platinum blonde, raven black or red. Make sure you choose a hair color which suits your complexion and eye color before dyeing the hair.

Styling Tips
There are many ways of styling your inverted bob haircut. So, in case you get bored of your same bob style, you can add accessories for a cool new look. You can simply take the front hair and pin it back with hair clips. Or if your bangs have grown out, then simply take the hair back make a puff, and you have a trendy bump hairstyle. You can also style your hair curly or wavy. You can use a curling iron to do this or use a sea salt spray for beach wavy hair. When using a curling iron, apply lots of hair serum and then curl your hair. When using sea salt spray or any other hair coloring solution, wet your hair and then apply the solution. Then scrunch your hair and you will get instant beach wavy hair. On wavy / curly hair, use some flapper hair accessories like hair bands for a cool 1920s look.

So, describe to the stylist the long bob hairstyle you want. If you want to add more texture to it, then consider getting lots of skinny hair highlights. Choose a color for highlights which is around 3 times lighter than your base hair color. Adding hair color will give an interesting look and add depth to the hair. Good luck!