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Long Hair Styling Tips That are the Secret to Look Forever Voguish

Rimlee Bhuyan Jun 18, 2019
For long hair to look good, it needs to be styled just right. Whatever the texture of your hair may be, the right styling products and techniques will give it a stylish and chic look. This write-up provides some tips to style long hair.
Caring for long hair might seem like a daunting task, especially when you are in an emergency and have very little time to style it into something acceptable.
However, it provides you with a lot of flexibility in terms of hairstyles--not just for formal occasions, but also the everyday, casual ones that you can make at home. Whatever the texture of your hair may be--fine, thick, or frizzy, having a knowledge of hair styling tips can help you create any hairstyle, effortlessly.

For Women

Sophisticated Chignon

A chignon looks classy and sophisticated, and is a casual as well as formal hairstyle.
The modern one is not too severe and rigid-looking, but more casual. For this hairstyle, create loose waves in your hair, using a medium-barreled curling iron. Gather your hair at the nape of your neck into a low ponytail. Twist the ponytail upwards to create a chignon. Secure it with bobby pins, and spritz it with a medium hold hairspray to set the style.

Sexy Waves

When you are undecided on how to style your hair, a tousled and wavy hairstyle is a very good option.
If you are letting your hair loose, then a hairstyle with waves and loose curls looks better than ironing your hair poker straight. First, apply a coin-sized amount of hair mousse to your hair after washing it, when it is still wet. Next, blow dry it using a paddle brush and blow dryer.
Curl it into loose waves using a large-barreled curling iron. After you are done curling, gently run your fingers through it to give it an unstructured look. If your hair is fine and limp, then use a volumizing hair mousse and backcomb it at the crown, for creating more volume.

Side Braid

If your hair is looking greasy and you have no time to wash it, good way to make it look stylish is by tying it into a side braid.
Braiding camouflages the flat and greasy appearance of hair, and makes it look put together and neat. For creating this braid, first, pull your hair back to the nape of your neck and style it into a simple English braid.
Secure the end of the braid with an elastic band. Shift the braid to any side over the shoulder. Release some hair from both sides for framing your face. To make this hairstyle look chic instead of schoolgirl-like, wrap a narrow section of hair over the elastic band and secure it with a bobby pin.

For Men

Shaggy Hairstyle

In this kind of hairstyle, the hair length just about reaches the collar, and the ends are left jagged.
To create a shaggy hairstyle, you first need to apply some volumizing hair mousse to the crown of your head and then sweep the hair back for a sleek look. The hair near the ears should be shorter than at the back for a shaggy, casual look. This hairstyle is best suited for guys who have fine or limp hair.

Choppy Hairstyle

This hairstyle has been popularized by David Beckham.
Here, the hair is cut at shoulder length with lots of choppy edges. To create this hairstyle, you need to part your hair in the middle, and apply a straightening serum through its length. Brush it back, and then apply a bit of shine serum to it for a finished look.

Layered Hairstyle

If you have thick, long hair, then a layered hairstyle will suit you best.
Ask your stylist to cut short layers through your hair and create a wavy look. To style such hair, you need to apply a texturizing gel through its length, and then blow dry it to maintain the shape. This hairstyle is especially suitable for guys who look good with long hair.
When you have long hair, you can create many different looks and hairstyles. You can experiment with many different hairstyles by using various hair styling products.