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Natural Tactics on How to Lighten Dark Brown Hair

How to Lighten Dark Brown Hair
Unhappy and tired with your dark brown tresses, and in need of a new look? This HairGlamourista article presents easy methods to lighten dark brown hair.
Mamta Mule
Last Updated: May 9, 2018
You go to a salon and try out a new hair color, and after your hair is dyed, you realize that it is too dark for you! What do you do in a scenario like this? Wait for the color to fade with time? Or go back to the salon again where your hair may get damaged due to the chemicals used in dye removers?
You could simply try some effortless do-it-yourself home remedies, that actually work without damaging your hair. Naturally lightening your hair is not only cost-effective, but it also saves upon time. It also prevents your hair from being exposed to harsh chemicals that are found in dyes, thus making it look glossy and healthy. There are 4 basic ways in which you can lighten dark brown hair: using Chamomile extract, lime juice, baby oil, and hydrogen peroxide. Other methods, like henna and egg white also help, but are not preferred much due to the odor they emit.
Make sure that you wash and dry your hair properly before carrying out the following procedures. Your hair should be sweat-, grease-, and dirt-free for any of the methods explained below.
Chamomile Tea
Soaking hair in brewed and strained chamomile helps lighten dark brown hair. Chamomile is also a very good conditioner for the hair, making it shiny and glossy.

All you have to do is boil chamomile in water, cool the concoction, and strain it with a tea strainer. Apply the chamomile brew to your hair, and let it soak for at least half an hour. You could wear a shower cap on your head, so that this solution does not drip.
You could also add a few sprigs of mint leaves, and squeeze half a lime while brewing chamomile tea.
Applying lime juice to the hair strands is the most simple way of lightening dark-colored hair. All you have to do is slice a lime, and squeeze out the juice in a bowl. You can dilute the juice a bit with water, and transfer this concoction into a clean plastic spray bottle.

Spritz your hair with the lime extract, and let it remain in your hair for about half an hour. You could sit outdoors, not in direct sunlight, but in the shade, till the lime starts working. Rinse your hair with cold water and follow with a good conditioner, so that your hair does not dry out.
Tomato puree is an excellent substitute for lime.
Baby Oil
baby hair oil
Pour a coin-sized amount of baby oil on your palm, and massage it onto your hair strands. This procedure is by far the easiest one of the lot, as you just have to apply the oil to your hair and go out in the sun.

Please remember to wash your hair once you are back with a good, strong shampoo, and follow the wash with a conditioner.
Regular use of baby oil, followed by shampooing with a strong shampoo helps with lightening dark brown-colored hair.
Hydrogen Peroxide
hydrogen peroxide
This method of lightening dark brown hair is a little tricky. You need a bottle of hydrogen peroxide (3%) and a spray bottle. Fill the bottle with hydrogen peroxide, and spritz it on all the layers of the hair. You could partition your hair with a section comb, and clip the sections, once sprayed with the solution.

Leave the chemical in your hair for half an hour, and then wash it off thoroughly with cold water. Follow with a deep conditioner to arrest any hair damage.
brown hair
If at all, you want immediate results, then you should visit your hairdresser. If your hair is a very dark shade of brown, then you could also try going in for lighter highlights. Just remember to condition your hair well to avoid damage and enhance its sheen.
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