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Haircuts for Kids

Whether its clothes, shoes or haircuts, the toddlers, children, and kids want in on it. If your kid has been asking for a cool stylish hairdo, then here is a list of chic, modern and cute haircuts!
Shashank Nakate Apr 17, 2019
Earlier, it was just a simple boy cut or military cut for the boys, and braids or straight long hair for the girls. But, the times are changing , and with it the choices of children, too. Factors such as lifestyle, fashion, and lack of time to some extent, are prompting parents to go for such haircuts which require minimum amount of maintenance.

For Girls

Bob Haircut

This is easy to manage and maintain and it requires just regular brushing and combing. The hair in this layered cut reaches below the level of earlobes. It suits girls with fine as well as thick hair.

Pixie Cut

The pixie cut is ideal for girls with fine hair. In this cut, sides and back of the head have short hair. The front portion of head on the other hand, have hair that are comparatively longer.

For Boys

Hi-top Fade Cut:

In this cut, sides of the head have very short hair. The top portion of head have comparatively much longer hair

Caesar Cut:

It is named after the Roman emperor, Julius Caesar. The hair in this cut are combed forward. It is one of the best short hairstyles for boys.

Layered Cut:

The hair is cut in layers to attain this haircut. It gives the hair a natural and flowing look.

Bowl Cut:

The hair in this cut resembles the shape of a bowl. This haircut gets its name from the practice of placing a bowl over the head so as to shape them.

Toddler Hairstyles

Toddlers' hair can be stylized, however, it demands daily maintenance and efforts on the part of parents. If parents are enthusiastic about styling their child's hair, the slight sweep cut can be tried. It requires minimum amount of maintenance and after, the hair should be combed on one side of the head.

African-American Kids' Hairstyles

Braiding hair is the most vital hairstyles for girls. The hair styles that affects cornrows are modified form of braids. These are stylized in comparison to braids.
The benefit of having braids is that children are not troubled by the hair falling on the face from time to time. Another form of hairstyling, which is referred to as dreadlocks, do not go very well with children. They may suit the faces of some children.
Ponytail is one of the commonly used hairstyles for girls. This hairstyle is not restricted to a particular age group or hair length.
The different kids' hairstyles mentioned here look good on most of the children. It is expected that proper care of the hair is taken in order to maintain these haircuts.