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How To Do Invisible Braids

Kalpana Kumari May 4, 2019
Invisible braids are among the latest trends in hair fashion. The following information gives you basic instructions on how to do them on your own.
The braids are so thin that they appear as hair strands when seen from a distance and so are called invisible braids  or micro braids. This hairstyle suits short and long hair. Perhaps, this is the reason for its popularity among youth.

Steps to do Invisible Braids

Step 1

The first step is to prepare your hair for it. Wash your hair with a suitable and mild shampoo, and apply a conditioner.
Use a deep conditioner if your hair is dry, coarse, and frizzy. Towel dry your hair. You may use detangling hair spray or leave-in conditioner to comb your hair when dry.

Step 2

You need to comb your hair in such a way that it eases the task of invisible braiding. Comb your hair back and away from your face.

Step 3

Curly hair is much easier to braid. If you have curly or wavy hair, you can perform the task quite comfortably. However, if you have straight and smooth hair, you may find some difficulty braiding your hair. You may try using some hair styling products like setting lotion or gel. This will enhance the texture and add 'grip' to your hair.

Step 4

Take a small section of hair from your forehead, and divide it into three sections, right, middle, and left.
Hold all the three sections with one hand, separated by the fingers. Begin braiding by crossing the left section over the middle section. Now, the middle strand has become the left section and the left has become the middle section. Cross the right section over the middle section.
Similar to the previous step, the middle section has now become the right strand while the right has become the middle. This completes one braid.
Repeat these two steps to braid your entire hair. When you reach the end of the hair section, tie it up with a thin rubber band. This will keep the braid tight and prevent it from loosening.

Step 5

Take another section of your hair from either right or left side of the first section. Perform the step 4 on this section. Keep taking new sections and braid them till you reach the nape of your head.
Braid all your hair by taking small sections. The hair braids made in this manner are very thin, and are almost invisible if seen from some distance.
You can decorate the braids with clips, bows, ribbons, flowers, etc. You may decorate your invisibly braided hair in any way and with anything you wish to. This braiding style gives your hair a smooth and tidy look. It holds hair well, and thus is an amazing way to wear both medium and long hair.
Braiding is the best way to do your hair when you have to engage yourself in sporting events like running, swimming, playing football, tennis, etc. However, you don't always need a reason to do invisible braids. You can simply do it to style your hair and look fabulous.