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Chic Inverted Bob Haircuts for 2019

Rimlee Bhuyan Feb 9, 2019
If you are looking for the latest trends in inverted bob haircuts for 2019, then you are on the right page. Continue reading to know some of the trends in bob haircuts for this year.
One of the best ways to give yourself a makeover is changing your hairstyle. When you are looking for something that is edgy and modern, then your best option is to go for a bob haircut. A bob haircut suits most face shapes and structures and when you get the right one you can look like a supermodel.
There are many types of bob hairstyles from the choppy bob, short bob, inverted bob to the shaggy bob. If you have a heart shape face or an oval shape face with fine sharp features, then an inverted bob haircut is just for you.
Whether you have fine hair or thick hair, an inverted bob hairstyle will work for any hair texture. Inverted bob haircuts for 2019 are for modern independent women who are not afraid to experiment with their looks and who want a haircut that is edgy and sophisticated.
There are many variations of the inverted bob haircut and you should choose one that suits your face structure and hair texture. Here we are going to discuss the different variations of the inverted bob that will be trendy this year.

Classic Inverted Bob

The classic inverted bob haircut is one of the most requested haircut.
The sides are generally cut in such a way that it grazes the chin and are of one length. A side parting is usually flattering for such a haircut. This haircut is no doubt high maintenance as you have to get your tresses trimmed every 3-4 weeks.  This bob haircut suits women who have sharp and defined features.

Layered Inverted Bob

This haircut is ideal for women who have thin hair, as it gives hair more volume. The hair is cut to the nape at the back and then cut in layers at the sides and front.
This gives the illusion of volume at the sides of the head. For styling this haircut, straightening of the hair is must as it helps to give a finished look. Adding low-lights in colors like cinnamon and honey if you are a brunette or gold and platinum low-lights if you are a blonde will oomph your haircut.

Long Inverted Bob

One of the most fashionable and trendy inverted bob haircuts is the long inverted bob.
It gives a softer look to a person and is great for people who have a round face. It is cut with face framing hair at the sides which are longer than a classic inverted bob. The hair at the back is cut short. It has been made iconic by celebrities like Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes and it is one of the best short hairstyles for women of all ages.

Graduated Inverted Bob

Bored of your old hairstyle and want to try something new but again, don't want to look overdone, then this is the one you are hunting for.
This haircut is simple yet stylish for a fresh start. Woman with any age bar can pick up this haircut and rock the world. Highlighting your new hair matching with your skin tone will make you look more stunning.

Long Inverted Bob with Bangs

An inverted bob with bangs is this year's trending option for sure. The hair is cut like a classic inverted bob, but instead of a side parting, bangs are cut across the forehead. You can either go with side swept bangs or straight thick choppy bangs.
If you have wavy hair, then you need to blow dry your hair straight or use a hair straightener to style this hairstyle. Either way this is a great hairstyle for more mature women, as it gives the face a youthful appearance.

Inverted Bob with Curls

Curls make your hair look more bouncy and gives more volume to it. Women with fine hair can go with this haircut. It will not only give you a great look but will also make your hair look thicker.

Messy Inverted Bob

It is one of the most trendy inverted bob haircut and is appealing many womens this season.
Women with thin hair can surely go for this haircut, as it adds up volume to your hair. This haircut has layers incorporated, which reduces the bulk at the tips and adds volume at the upper part of the head.
These were some variations of inverted bob haircuts that are going to rule in 2019. Inverted bob haircuts are high maintenance but they can make you look super stylish and chic. If you want to seriously make a style statement, then go ahead and get an inverted bob haircut.