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The Sassy Inverted Bob Haircut

Puja Lalwani Oct 13, 2018
Tired of finding your long tresses all over the place? Try out an inverted bob haircut for a refreshing change.
An inverted bob haircut is trendy and fashionable, and has been sported by various celebrities from the very stylish Victoria Beckham to Katie Holmes and Paris Hilton.
Apart from being fashionable, this short haircut is also easy to maintain. It stays where it is, and is a boon for those who are unable to manage long hair. It's a style that tapers at the neck, and is longer than the rest of the hair on either side of the face, thereby appearing asymmetrical.
The inverted bob is perfect for those who want to make their hair look voluminous. While its name may be deceptive, it is a very feminine hairstyle and continues to remain popular through every generation. Here's a look into the different ways in which you can flaunt this hairstyle.

The Layered Inverted Bob

The layered or angled inverted bob is a great choice for those who have fine hair. Even those who do not, can achieve this look with the help of a hair straightener.
The layered look creates different levels at which the hair is cut, thus giving it an angular look. This look will highlight the features of your face. Thus, a round face can look longer with this haircut.
To be able to do justice to its name, this haircut should be styled perfectly in an angular fashion. The transition from the angles to the straight cut at the back should be crisp, yet smooth.
The layered inverted bob can be highlighted by streaking your hair in a color of your choice. This accentuates the cut and makes it more pronounced as a style statement. It can also be worn long or short, depending on your choice.
In case you want to wear it long, the length can go up to the shoulders and a little beyond. In case of a short haircut, the hair length will be above the shoulder and below the chin.

The Inverted Bob with Bangs

Adding bangs to the inverted bob is the ultimate value addition. It is especially suitable for those with a wide forehead, as the bangs get their own space without looking shabby.
You may get a straight fringe right across your forehead, or you may try-out side swept bangs in keeping with the hairstyle you are sporting. In any case, the bangs themselves make a statement, and combined with the inverted bob, will have you stand a class apart from the crowd!
This hairstyle requires little maintenance, unless you have wavy hair at the crown. In such a case, it is better to straighten the bangs to give them a sharp, glossy look.

Maintaining the Inverted Bob

Those who already have straight, fine hair, can carry off the inverted bob elegantly. While it is a boon for those who have straight hair, even those with wavy hair can create their own variations of this hairstyle. For instance, the hair could be straight at the top and wavy on the sides in case of the long inverted bob that goes up to the shoulders.
A little straightening will make the hair very easy to maintain. As it is already a style in itself, this hairstyle does not require additional attention or grooming.
Using an anti-frizz conditioner will help maintain this hairstyle with ease. Also, since many of you may have tight a schedule, just ensure that you use some leave-in conditioner after a hair wash. This will keep the haircut looking the way it should.
Women usually get the inverted bob haircut to accentuate the volume of their hair, so try to use some volumizing gels and shampoos to maintain the volume. Remember to trim your hair once every 4 weeks to keep the hairstyle looking fresh.
The classic bob has been renewed with this large variety of inverted bob hairstyles. Choose your personal style and carry it off with panache!