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How to Use Sea Salt Hair Spray

How to Use Sea Salt Hair Spray

Using sea salt hair spray is no difficult task, and with some simple steps you can discover the beauty of your hair with gorgeous waves and curls. Take a look.
Puja Lalwani
Those who have hair that they think is unmanageable, could benefit well from the use of sea salt hair spray. To give you a tousled, casual, beachy look, sea salt spray is the perfect solution to use. It holds the hair in place so that you can manage it better. The best part is, you don't have to spend hours in a salon to have your hair curled or given a wavy appearance. Just use the spray and some simple methods to give it that wavy look, and you are ready to hit the road. Here are some simple methods that tell you how to use sea salt hair spray.

Using Sea Salt Spray for Beautiful Wavy Hair

Sea salt spray can be purchased from any beauty store, or can even be made at home. If you find it too expensive, here's a simple homemade sea salt spray recipe you can use. Once you have purchased or prepared the hair spray, take a look at some easy ways to use it.

* Wash your hair thoroughly and use a conditioner. Let it dry completely. Sea salt spray may also be used on unwashed hair.

* Use a comb to smooth out your hair and free it of any knots or tangles.

* Run your fingers through your hair and spritz some sea salt spray on it liberally.

* Now, for the waves you can do one of three things.
  • You can braid your hair into small braids and allow it to remain for at least an hour or two, or until your hair is completely dry. This method is great for smaller curls.
  • You can roll up your hair and tie it into a bun. Leave it on for the same time period and then find yourself with beautifully wavy hair. This method will give you larger waves.
  • Finally, you can spritz the sea salt spray on your hair, and then scrunch it. This method is good for shorter or medium length hair. To scrunch your hair, open your palm and place it below your hair. Close your palm into the tips of the hair and squeeze it tightly. Your hair will now hold a casual, lightly wavy look.
* You can tie your hair and sleep over it if you like, for best results the next day. Remember to allow your hair to completely dry before you open it up.

* To finish off the look and ensure it stays in place, you can lightly spray your hair with a basic hair spray. This step is not mandatory particularly if you are using a sea salt spray available over the counter.

The beauty of a sea salt spray is that it allows you to create those beachy waves all year long. For a tousled look that does not require much effort, a sea salt spray is perhaps the best option. Further, the waves created with this spray help add the much-needed volume and bounce to your hair, making it simply perfect. If you have oily hair, a sea salt spray can also refresh your look when you apply it to the roots. You don't need to wash your hair, but simply spritz it on your roots. It will absorb the excess oils and give you a fresh look. Adding a dash of lemon juice to the spray will give you natural highlights and the true appearance of fun in the sun! Beware of using too much of this spray on your hair as it can dry it out.

If you are trying to make your own sea salt hair spray and cannot get hold of sea salt, users have suggested making the spray with regular salt and have claimed that it works just the same. Try it out and see the effects for yourself. This spray is perfect because you don't have to use heavy hair styling gels and sprays to get your desired look. It hardly takes any effort to create a look that was meant to be slightly unkempt or casual in the first place! Try these methods and see which one works for you the best. You can get creative and twist your hair in different ways to create smaller or larger curls. Good luck!