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Learn How to Tease Hair to Make it Look Voluminous

How to Tease Hair
Teasing or backcombing is an easy way to make your hair look voluminous. Here are some simple tips to tease your hair in a proper manner.
Sonia Nair
Last Updated: Feb 27, 2018
★Russel Brand is one of those celebrities who is known for his teased hairstyle.

Do you remember the models and actresses of the 1950s with their big hairdos like the beehive and bouffant? Such hairstyles can be easily made with teased hair. In fact, teased hair forms the base of various other hairstyles. What is teasing? It is nothing other than the technique of tangling hair by combing it backwards towards the scalp. While the tangled parts form the underside, the top parts are smoothed for a natural, voluminous look. This method is also known as backcombing or hair ratting.

Teasing is ideal for those with fine and limp hair, as it lifts the hair and makes your tresses look thick and bouncy. If done improperly, teasing can damage your hair. Hairstylists are not required to tease hair, as it can be done at home. It is really easy to master the skill of hair teasing. If any senior family member is conversant with the hairstyles of the 1950s, they can easily help you in this task.

In order to tease hair, you need a long tail comb, long hair clips to secure hair in different sections, and a firm hold hair spray. The hair must be completely dry before teasing. Backcombing is not advisable for those with long, thin hair. Those who are facing hair loss must also avoid teasing. Avoid teasing chemically treated hair that is more prone to damage. Given below are some guidelines for teasing hair in the right manner.
Wash, Dry, and Detangle
Wash, Dry, and Detangle
Wash and dry the hair properly. Those with fine hair may use shampoos that are specially formulated for that type of hair. Once dry, brush the hair to remove tangles and knots. Ensure that your hair is completely dry and tangle-free, in order to avoid damage while teasing.
Straighten or Curl
Straighten or Curl
Curls and waves enhance the volume of your teased hair. Some people curl their hair before teasing, while others straighten their curls. So you may either curl or straighten your hair before teasing, but curls will not work, if you intend to create hairstyles like beehives. However, make sure that the strands are completely cool, before you work on them. Teasing warm hair may cause damage to your mane.
Part into Small Sections
Part into Small Sections
Use the tail comb to part a small section of hair. Keep away the rest of your mane with hair clips. It is advisable to work on one to two-inch-sections at a time. If you want to create hairstyles, you must plan the parting accordingly. You can choose the section which you want to lift as per the hairstyle. In most cases, a top layer and an underlying layer are made.
The underlying layer is teased and is covered with the smooth top layer. So start from the crown of the head and work your way downwards. If you like the disheveled look, tease the whole hair, in small sections. For teasing, go for a different parting, as your usual parting may go flat after a while.
Tease, Tease, Tease
Tease and Tease
You have a small section of hair to work on. Hold the ends of the strands firmly and insert a tail comb, about halfway from the scalp. Comb the hair gently in the direction opposite to that of the hair growth. In other words, move the comb towards the hair roots. Such backcombing creates some tangles which offer resistance to combing.
Make sure to press these tangles towards the scalp, but never use pressure that can damage the hair. Continue this process, until a cushion of hair is formed at the base of the strands you are holding. Now use hair spray on the teased part, so as to hold the tangles in place. Once done, you can move on to the next section. Repeat the process, until you cover the specified area. When you are done, spray the teased parts once again.
Style the Hair
Style the Hair_1
If you want a wild and crazy look, it is better to leave the teased hair uncombed. If you have left the top layer untouched, lay those smooth strands over the teased sections. You may also try your favorite hairstyles. If you want to create a particular hairstyle, smooth the surface of the teased hair using your hands.
Style the Hair_2
Comb the surface gently, so as not to disturb or flatten the tangles. Now you can create your favorite hairstyles with your teased hair. Once you are done with the hairstyle, spritz some hairspray for that ultimate look.
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In order to reverse teasing, detangle the hair gently. Work from the tips to the roots, and avoid tugging or pulling. When compared to teasing, detangling may take more time and patience. It is not advisable to wet teased hair, as it will get difficult to detangle. Apply conditioner before washing the hair using a shampoo. Avoid teasing hair which is already damaged.
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