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How to Find the Right Shade of Brown Hair Color for Your Skin Tone

How to Find the Right Shade of Brown Hair Color for Your Skin Tone
The right hair color not only enhances one's look, but also adds to the overall personality. Choosing an appropriate hair color can seem tricky, knowing that there are so many options available, especially the first time around. If you are ready to go brunette or enhance your current hair color, HairGlamourista will help you find the right shade of brown hair color for different skin tones.
Ashmeet Bagga
Last Updated: Jul 25, 2017
Did You Know?
Marilyn Monroe was a brunette!! She lightened her hair early in her modeling days, and all this time we thought that she was born with naturally blond hair. We do have to concede that going platinum made her career.
Women in ancient Rome were so desperate to go blonde that they started using pigeon poop to naturally dye their hair, since they were devoid of all the various colors available now, so they went au natural. Women in Ancient Greece used horse urine, that's like the grossest thing ever. You see, the point I am trying to make here is that hair coloring is a trend that is centuries old.

You may decide to keep your hair long or short, the best option to make your hair look more vibrant and classy is to color them. There is no rocket science involved, when it comes to choosing your hair color. You explore your options, and go with whatever suits your skin tone. Though I may recommend getting an expert opinion on this, because we don't want our hair to end up looking like a disaster. We all remember the movie Bride Wars starring Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway, when Anne takes revenge on Kate by changing her hair color, and the end result, well Kate has her hair dyed blue accidentally. So, we don't want to end up looking like that, right ladies?

If you are a blond and are thinking of changing your hair color, like wanting a darker shade, you may need to consider a few basic things, like your skin tone, color of your eyes, etc. Trust me, these things are really important when you want to add oomph to your look. Read further, as HairGlamourista guides you on how to find the perfect shade of brown color hair for various skin tones.
The first and foremost step to determine your undertone is to check your veins, if you have greenish veins that means you belong to the warm category, if they are bluish, then you belong to the cool category, if you can't figure it out, then it is neutral.
For Fair Skin Tone
● You are blessed with fair skin; however, you need to decide or determine if your skin has a pinkish hue or a yellowish tone. Staying within two levels of your natural color means keeping your hair a medium brown shade.
Fair skin tone
● Glossy hazelnut brown is a light brown shade, and it gives your hair a warm glow when hit by sunlight, inspired by Miranda Kerr.

● Mocha brown, dark brown with ash brown streaks, blend of mahogany and auburn brown, medium brown, reddish brown, chestnut brown, rich dark chocolate brown, espresso brown, dark chocolate brown.
● These shades that will suit any fair girl with pink or yellow undertones, you can even experiment with the highlights to enhance your hair's beauty more. Try highlighting the bottom portion of your hair with a lighter shade of brown, which is also known as the ombre effect, and we love how Jessica Biel carries the look, if you plan to emulate this look, go for wavy hair instead of straight. Or you could highlight certain part of your hair, or maybe some strands with lighter shade of brown, and color the rest of your hair with a darker shade like dark brown, reddish brown, etc.
For Brown Skin Tone
Brown skin tone
● Those with brown skin tone are really lucky as they can choose any shade from a light caramel to dark auburn. Just remember to avoid too warm colors or too cool colors.

● You can definitely try deep walnut brown, because your undertones can carry this color without looking washed out. The color has to be shiny, otherwise it would look really flat and limp. You may need to take extra efforts to maintain this hair color though.
● Honey is also a very safe color option for people whose natural hair are blonde, you can start with light brown base and add highlights to the hair.

● Toffee color is also a great option, you can get highlights done too, the shade gives a warm look to the face.

● Mocha brown is one of the safest colors ever and suitable for both summer and spring season, this warm and vibrant color is perfect for every complexion.

● We have spotted Jennifer Lopez sporting caramel brown hair color, and we love how it enhances her natural skin tone, plus all those highlights add into the effect and accentuate her face.
For Dark Skin Tone
● For this skin tone, dark colors work the best and look very natural, avoid going too light as this will clash with your skin tone.
Dark skin tone
Golden brown ombre is suitable for people with dark skin tone, you can ask your stylist to add caramel undertones and golden highlights for extra intensity, if possible curl your hair, and you will rock this hair color.

● If you don't want to experiment much and would rather play it safe, opt for dark chestnut brown. To add more drama to this simple color, you can get highlights and slightly curl your hair at the ends.
● Chocolate toffee brown, is another safe option, but ensure that your hair is glossy. This warm color will surely turn heads around.

To ensure that the hair color lasts longer, opt for the right products and follow the instructions properly. If it's your first time, and you are confused with so many options, stick to the safer colors for now and experiment later. Also, do not hesitate to consult your hairstylists if you are unsure. So go out, color your hair and look trendy!