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How to Do a Gibson Girl Hairstyle

How to Do a Gibson Girl Hairstyle
Elegant chignon, classy bun, or a stylish pompadour; take your pick from these gorgeous Gibson Girl hairstyles. We, at HairGlamourista, give you instructions and ideas to flaunt this amazing style.
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Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
Bed Hair!
No time to wash and style your hair? Then your hair is perfect to flaunt a Gibson Girl hairstyle! Yes, it sets really well even with greasy hair. This makes it the perfect 'no-fuss' hairstyle.

Are you looking for a hairstyle that looks gorgeous, but doesn't take much time or effort? Yeah, we all are! Well, we have an excellent option for you; why not try some Gibson Girl hairstyles. The most popular Gibson Girl hairstyle is indeed a bun. A messy bun looks funky for a casual day-out, or a sleek one goes well with formals. And yes, you can also try a chignon or a pompadour.
Wondering how? Check the easy instructions and some inspiring ideas in the sections to follow.
Gibson Girl
Gibson girl is a creation of illustrator Charles Dana Gibson. He popularized the concept of feminine perfection. A Gibson Girl was a beautiful woman with a long neck, hair piled on top, slender waist, and curvy body. She was a stylish and classy woman, sexy but not vulgar. This image first started becoming popular in the 1890s, when Gibson started making pen-and-ink sketches. It helped make hair up-dos very much desired. Some of the hairstyles the Gibson Girl was portrayed with are the pompadour, bun, and chignon.
Things You'll Need
  • Wide Comb
  • Fine Comb
  • Ponytail Elastic
  • Hairspray
  • Curling Iron
  • Rollers
  • Bobby Pins
  • Accessories
How to Do a Gibson Girl Hairstyle
If your hair is very curly or straight, then you can use large rollers or a curling iron to make waves. If your hair has natural waves, you don't need to do anything special. These hairstyles look good and are easier to do if the hair has some wave. We have explained the basic procedure for each type; but you can experiment all you like. You can go in for intricate designs and detailed styles according to the occasion.
Chignon comes from the French word chignon du cou, which means nape of the neck. Rightly so, chignon is just a fancy bun tied at the nape of the neck. There are many different styles of chignon that you can try.
First, you need to part your hair into two sections. Twist the upper part and pin it up using bobby pins. Make a ponytail with the lower section. Twirl the hair around the ponytail, and insert the ends through the elastic. Smoothen out the hair, and tuck away any remaining strands. Finally, spray some hair spray, and you are good to go.
You can also try the braided chignon. Part your hair in the center, and make two braids. Coil them separately, and pin up using bobby pins. And, your braided chignon is done!
A simple bun is very easy to make. Just make a ponytail; tie an elastic to it. Now wrap your hair around it. Pin up the ends.
For a braided bun, just braid your hair into a simple braid first. Follow the above procedure here as well. To soften up the look, pull two very small sections of hair from each side. Curl the two strands.
Making a pompadour is very easy. Moreover, you can combine it with a chignon or a bun as well. Just apply some hair gel or hair spray to the front section of your hair. Now, back-comb your hair. Create some height, and pin up the hair using bobby pins. That's it! Easy and classy, right?
Accessorize it Right
Wearing the right head accessories will instantly lift up your look. Although you can go in for a simple, casual bun on normal days; do add a statement piece for weddings or parties.
Even wearing a single flower will instantly soften your hairstyle. You can also use beads or ribbons.
To make the above hairstyles, it is mandatory for your hair to be at least shoulder length. But no worries even if you have short hair. After all, what are hair extensions for! Just ensure that the color and texture of your extensions match your natural hair.