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Simple Instructions on How to Do a French Twist Hairstyle

Simple Instructions on How to Do a French Twist Hairstyle
French twist hairstyles look elegant and goes well in weddings and black tie parties. It is a great way to tie your hair for work as well as for a night out.
Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
Last Updated: Feb 19, 2018
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French twists are considered to be a cute and refined way to hold your hair. French twist hair go well on formal and informal occasions. It is great to have such a hairstyle on your prom night, first date or for interviews. This hairstyle requires long or shoulder length hair. Celebrity actresses like Kirstie Alley , Rachael Weisz, Mena Suvari, Andrea Bowen and Katherine Heigl, have all tried the French twist hair. If you want to give a classy look to your personality, then try the French twist.
Tying the French Twist
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Keep plenty of pins and a comb handy. Wash and condition hair before styling. Towel dry your hair. You can make your hair wavy or straight depending on the look you want in the end. The next step is to untangle your hair with a wide toothed comb.

Step 1
The most important step is gathering all your hair at the nape into a ponytail. Novice stylers can hold the hair at the nape using a thin hair elastic.

Step 2
Now twist your hair two to three times clockwise or anticlockwise. You should feel the twist tighten at the nape. This will help form a base near your head that will give support to your hair.

Step 3
Hold the ponytail in your left hand and continue to twist your hair end up. This will keep the roll closer to you head.
Step 4
The remaining hair section can be taken on the top of the head. Fold this section down towards the nape of the neck. Make sure you take along the seam of your hair roll towards the nape.
Step 5
With the help of your right hand, you can gently push the folded section of the ponytail into the hollow gap of the roll (seam) near the nape. Make sure you tuck in all the hair into the roll without allowing any stray hair sections from getting away.
Step 6
You can use a bobby pin or comb pin to hold the twist in place. Place the pin under the French twist and use another pin and slide it down the opposite side. If you feel, you can use more pins to hold your hair in place.
There! You are done styling your hair in a French Twist. You can use hair accessories like decorative pins, rhinestone or any fancy clips to decorate your hair around the French twist hair. Use 'maximum hold hairspray' to keep the twist in place.
You can try many modifications to enhance your looks. The few variations to the classic look are:
  • French twist with draped bangs
  • Messy twists
  • Business or formal French hair twist
  • Bridal French twist
You can try hair color or hair highlights to enhance the look of French twist. It is an easy and simple hairstyle that can be completed within minutes with practice. Most women try to tie their hair in a sloppy French twist version when getting up from bed early morning. You can get a salon type look, if you try the French twist with patience. These hairstyles help you look sophisticated or gives you the girl-next-door look. Whatever may be your mantra, a French twist will always make you stand out.