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How to Braid Cornrows

How to Braid Cornrows

One of the most popular African hairstyles that looks fabulous on every head is the cornrow braid. Braiding cornrows is an art and anyone with a lot of patience can learn it. The following article introduces you to the art.
Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
Last Updated: Jan 13, 2018
Cornrows are traditional African braid hairstyles that can be kept on at least for a week. You require a lot of patience and practice to master the art of braiding cornrows. It becomes easier if you have a little bit of knowledge and understanding about braiding. The basic difference is that simple hair braids hang freely, while cornrow braids stick to the scalp.

Also known as the underhand track braids, they are extremely popular in the land of the Pharaohs, that is, Egypt. This style gained popularity in the western world during the late 60s and 70s and was, once again, voted as a popular hairstyle in the 90s due to the advent of hip hop culture. This unisex hairstyle looks fantastic on whoever sports it. Follow these easy steps to try it out and make one by yourself.
You should have at least 3-4 hours to spare, as this activity requires a lot of time to perfect. You will need small rubber bands, a rat tail comb, gel, leave-in conditioner, spray bottle, and water.
Wet the hair
The first step involves wetting your hair as it makes braiding easier. Do not make it sopping wet, just dampen it. You can apply some leave-in conditioner to protect the hair from breakage.
Use a rat-tailed comb
The next step is to decide how do you want to design the cornrows. Once you are sure of the pattern, start dividing your hair into sections that are not more than an inch to inch and a half. Smaller cornrows hold better.

Now, use a rat-tailed comb and take a section of your hair that is close to the top of your head. Part hair in such a way that you can see your scalp. Secure the loose hair with a rubber band so that they stay out of the way.
Make three section of hair
Now, divide the section into three equal parts. Braid hair strands by pulling the left over the center strand. Now, the center becomes the left strand and vice versa. Pull the right over the new center. Repeat the step twice and make sure it is tight and close to the scalp.
Braid the hair
Take some more hair that is under the braid and add it to the middle strand so that you still have three strands. Continue braiding. As you move further, keep adding more hair to the central strand after two braids. Once you reach the end of your hair, secure it tightly with rubber bands.
Use Rubber band to tie the braid
After completing one cornrow braid, work on the next section of the hair. Start from the center and work on either side to maintain an even number of cornrows. Use the spray bottle to keep the hair wet as you continue to braid.
Braiding Cornrows with Extensions
When working with extensions, too, you need to wet your hair and apply leave-in conditioner. Now, when working with extensions, you need to part small sections of your hair from the top of your hairline to the nape of the hairline.

Secure loose hair with rubber bands to keep them from interfering with the braiding. You can use human or synthetic hair as extensions.

You should hold the hair extension up at the eye level and check if the extension hair is even. Now, tilt your head in the opposite direction of the side you are adding your cornrow hair extension. This will help give the required grip and a neater hairstyle.

Add the extensions using an underhand motion. Loop them in with the natural hair as you continue braiding. Lift the hair strand on the left and pull it across the central strand. Carry out the braiding just as mentioned above. Keep adding the extensions in the cornrow till you complete the entire row.

This funky hairstyle, with or without the hair extensions, should last for about a week. You can let your imagination run wild and try new patterns and styles.