How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?

Here's How Often You Should Wash Your Hair for a Natural Shine

How often do you believe you should you wash your hair? This is something very important, and not given much thought my most people.
Having healthy hair and maintaining it is not a given in today's world. Things like pollution, busy lifestyle, poor diet, and stress are of the culprits that cause unimaginable damage to our hair on a daily basis. If not provided with proper and timely attention, this damage can be irreversible. Well, there are a few things that a person can do for the health and long life of the hair, and that is to wash it on a regular basis. There are many commercial hair care products that can be very useful for hair care.

Nevertheless, there is a lot of confusion regarding the number of times one must wash the hair. Well, to be frank, one can wash his/her hair for as many times as he likes and as per convenience. There is no limit to that. But when talking about the health of the hair, there comes several restrictions on the frequency.

Factors to Be Considered

Everyone wants to have great looking hair that possess natural shine and color. Keeping both these things intact requires several efforts. Washing the hair is one of the basic efforts that a person has to take to maintain its health. How often actually depends upon two basic things that are needed to be evaluated.

Hair Type
Hair type plays a vital role for determining the frequency of washing it. If you have thick hair, you can wash it even daily. But for dry hair, you must wash it only for a couple of times a week. For normal hair, people can wash it every alternate day. There are a few important things that are needed to be considered when washing dry hair, and that is to condition it well before and after washing.

Lifestyle is also very important as a deciding factor. People who constantly work in dry and air conditioned places must wash their hair twice a week at least, and must also apply proper conditioners afterward. If you work in a place where your hair gets oily and dusty quickly, then you must wash it on alternate days. If you do exercises that cause a lot of sweating, then you must wash your hair daily. But, if you do mild exercises like yoga, then there is no need to be hasty, and you can wash it every other day.

Useful Tips

Apart from lifestyle and hair type, there are certain other things that need to be considered too. Men are not much conscious about washing their hair too often. But, they do need to take as much precautions as women. Not only the number of times but the washing procedure and after care also play a vital role in hair care.

The aftercare includes hair care products that one uses. Application of conditioners, proper washing techniques, type of shampoo and conditioner, and the quantity of the same, play an important role. Often, people use the right shampoo, but an excessive amount that can really damage the hair. It is very important to massage the hair with some essential oil like coconut oil or almond oil and leave it overnight. Then wash the hair the next day. It is important to apply a good hair conditioner on the washed hair.

  • How often should you wash your hair with shampoo? - Washing the hair with shampoo depends upon the ingredients in the shampoo and the amount that you use each time. Be sure not to use too much of shampoo. This way, any quality shampoo can leave its negative effects on your hair.
  • How often should you wash your hair with a perm? - First rule of perm is not to wash the hair for at least 24 hours after getting the perm done. After that, you can wash it twice a week using a good shampoo and conditioner.
  • How often should you wash your hair extensions? - A tricky question this, but, you can wash your hair extensions after every 5 to 6 times you wear them. Yes, you must wash them after exercising and swimming too.
Also, washing African-American hair is not a big issue, and it depends on the sort of hairstyle that one is sporting and the time in hand. You can wash it once a week, but if the hairstyle is complex, then it will require enough time to clean it.