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A Simple, Yet Useful Homemade Sea Salt Spray Recipe for Hair

Homemade Sea Salt Spray Recipe for Hair
Sea salt sprays are all the rage amongst models, hairstylists, and ordinary folk who indulge in pampering their hair. Why buy when you can make one at home?
Sourabh Gupta
Last Updated: May 5, 2018
Blake Lively. Kate Hudson. Megan Fox. Jennifer Aniston. These women are just some of the celebrities out there who sport the tousled, beach hair look. Not only does it scream sexy, but it's a much sought-after hairstyle that even hairstylists can't get enough of when sending models down the runway.
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The trick behind creating beach waves is the mixing of sea salt with hair, causing it to look disheveled yet incredibly stylish. For those of you who want to have just as lovely tresses that fall in gentle waves and is soft to the touch, here's how you can make a sea salt spray from the comfort of your home.
DIY Sea Salt Spray Recipe
What You'll Need
Measuring cup
You'll need 8 fluid oz of water to prepare this mixture. The amount of water you use depends on the quantity of sea salt spray you want to concoct. It is best to make enough spray to last you for about three weeks if used regularly. Make sure the water is clean, preferably bottled water. You don't want any impurities to enter the mix which could possibly harm your hair with every spray. Using tap water is a no-no in this preparation.
Cocunut oil
You'll need two teaspoons of coconut oil - it must be unscented and preferably organic (pure). You may choose ylang-ylang, which is a great essential oil for sensitive skin. Macadamia oil is another great alternative. Rosemary oil helps deepen the hair color of brunettes, while chamomile oil brightens blond hair. You could also experiment with using olive oil, since it is known for its softening effect. Replace coconut oil with any of the above alternatives, but do not overload it with more than one ingredient from these choices. If you'd like an essential oil added to the mix to let its fragrance permeate the mix, then add two drops of an essential oil of your choice like rose or lavender. Tea tree oil is great for sensitive and oily scalps.
Coarse salt
Using coarse salt (2 teaspoons) as opposed to powdered, ensures that a controlled amount of this is sprayed onto one's tresses. Giving the spray bottle a good shake before every application should give you just the right amount of this ingredient. Avoid using sticky substances in your spray bottle, since this can cause hair to turn dry, brittle, and difficult to manage. Instead, use non-sticky ingredients that will allow the spray to coat your strands with zero trouble post application.
Hair gel
Hair gel provides great hold - you'll need a teaspoon of strong-hold gel that doesn't harden upon application but remains stiff yet smooth (like Bain de Terre Firm Action Flax Seed Styling Gel or Eco Styler Olive Oil Styling Gel) post use. For added moisturizing, you can add a leave-in conditioning serum (1 teaspoon of whatever you opt for - like Herbal Essences None of Your Frizzness Smoothing Leave-In Creme or Neutrogena Triple Moisture Silk Touch Leave-In Cream) that is meant to be left in your hair post a shower. Don't let the options add on to what is already there, but instead replace one for another to see which one procures the best results.
Spray bottle
Ever toss away a hair spray bottle without a second thought? Well now you can make good use of an empty one after you're done using its previous mix. Wash the bottle thoroughly before using it for the sea salt spray preparation to avoid foreign ingredients from coalescing with your mix. Let the bottle dry completely before you prepare your mixture. Ensure that the nozzle is clean from any build-up. If you don't use spray bottles, you could always buy an ordinary one from any supply store, to use whenever you feel the need to prepare the sea salt spray mix.
Easy-to-follow Instructions:
Man styling his hair in the mirror with hairspray
Mix all of the ingredients using a glass bowl, making sure that everything fuses evenly without any of it separating. Once you pour all of this into the spray bottle, shake it vigorously before spraying it onto your hair. The sea salt spray must be used when hair is 70% dry and not completely so. This will give the spray time to bind using the little moisture from your hair to give it the hold it needs. Scrunch up your hair ever so gently, adding more of the spray only if needed. Use a follow-up hairspray (like Garnier Fructis Style Sleek & Shine Anti-Humidity Hairspray - $4; or L'Oréal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray - $15) to hold it all in place, scrunching hair one more time before letting it air-dry completely.
Sea salt spray is a great concoction for any kind of hair type, where beach waves are just seconds away with each spray. Making it at home lets you be in control of what you put into it, adding ingredients that complement your hair-type and what it can handle. Try out different ways to incorporate your favorite ingredients, but remember to replace one add-on for another.
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