Revamp Your Look With Some Highlights for Dark Brown Hair

Highlights for Dark Brown Hair
Often, women are confused about which highlights would look the best on dark brown hair. Well, here's a small secret -- choosing highlights lies in the kind of look you want to create, your particular skin tone, eye color, and the haircut that you sport.
Nothing looks more appealing on a woman than a nice luscious mane. Today, undoubtedly men, too, are not far behind in experimenting and trying new hairstyles and highlights.

Before you decide to choose highlights for your dark brown hair, you have a couple of questions to answer. Why are you getting highlights done for your hair? Is it to cover your grays or just to revamp your look? Depending on your requirement, you can make the call and start trying out the highlights.

You must be accustomed to the warning that says, Please Don't Try This at Home. The same applies when it comes to hair coloring or highlighting. Always -- and I mean always -- consult a professional hairdresser for the same.

Go through this article for some tips and tricks to revamp your look with some hair coloring and highlight ideas.
Getting the Best Color Highlights
~ Highlighting the hair requires many skills, and many other elements play an important role while choosing a hair color -- from skin tone, hair type to natural pigments, etc.

~ Knowing if you will look better in cool or warm tones is also crucial. A simple way to figure this out is looking at the color of your inner wrist vein during the day, while standing by an open window.

~ If your inner wrist vein color is blue, then cool colors go well with your skin tone.
Go for: Cool brown, caramel or platinum blonde
Avoid: Yellow or red

~ If your inner wrist vein color is green, then warm colors go well with your skin tone.
Go for: Chestnut brown, copper red or auburn
Avoid: Purple or blue

~ Using the right shampoo for colored hair is also of extreme importance, for the hair color to last longer and for it to limit fading, or causing any damage.

~ Ask a professional hairdresser to choose the hair dye color and shampoo that will look best on your hair, keeping your complexion and hair type in mind.
Light Highlights
Light Highlights
If you want light highlights, then consider shades like chestnut brown. Chestnut brown shade works well on warm skin-toned people, whereas light ash brown works well on people with cool skin tone. These will help you add a depth to your existing hair color. To get the best out of these colors, add both highlights and low lights. If you are opting for light colors like caramel, then don't be afraid to try chunky highlights. This is the right shade to cover grays easily.
* Celebrities: Jessica Alba, Eva Longoria, Robert Pattinson and Brad Pitt
Subtle Highlights
Subtle Highlights
If you want a very subtle highlight which just gives a shy hint of color, then it is best to opt for red tones. Shades of dark red and auburn highlights, as shown in both images, look really stunning on dark brown hair. Auburn highlights are ideal if you want to create depth. Copper red highlights is another great idea for highlighting dark hair. Adding highlights around your face will also make your complexion seem fairer and clearer.
* Celebrities: Julia Roberts, Paula Abdul, Bradley Cooper and Keegan Allen
Loud Highlights
Loud Highlights
If you are sure of what you want, then don't shy away from blonde highlights in brown hair. Blonde highlights when done correctly can instantaneously give you a glamorous look. Keeping your skin tone in mind, you can play with anything from strawberry blond to ash blonde highlights. You can have them nicely hidden in -- also known as the Peekaboo highlight -- so that they just peek out with slight movements of the head, or you can add some chunky highlights.
When it comes to hair coloring ideas with blonde shades, sky is the limit! You can also try some honey blonde highlights on dark brown hair. It is best to get your blonde highlights from a professional, so take a picture of the look you want along with you, so that he knows what you want exactly.

*Celebrities: Sandra Bullock, Mila Kunis, Leonardo DiCaprio and Beau Mirchoff
So you see, the secret to getting great, natural-looking highlights is understanding which shades will go well with your hair color, and which shades will flatter or enhance your look. Don't be afraid to experiment. With the right shade, your rich dark brown hair will look chic and glamorous.
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