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Highlights for Brown Hair

Aishwarya Nirmal Oct 28, 2018
Hair color can be used in myriad ways to turn ordinary tresses into vibrant, showy, and intensified colored hair. The options may be limitless, but there are certain things one must bear in mind when choosing a hair color.
Sections of one's mane are first made before being colored individually, leaving you with what is called 'highlighted' or 'streaked' hair.
The purpose of doing this is to add a kind of dimension to hair, where some opt for dramatic, out-of-the-box techniques to create a look that is both unique, transformational, and bold.
While it can turn the most dull hair into something right out of a magazine, there are certain pointers that one must acknowledge before coloring it. Let's take a look at the best highlights for brown hair that go well with its many hues.
While it can be perplexing to choose a color that best suits you, the most reliable method is to choose one that complements your skin tone. A lot of people don't opt for a hair color that matches the color of their skin, simply because they're cocksure enough to carry it off.
While a certain hair color may look incredible on some people, others who fail to carry it as effortlessly, look outrageous. If you are a little daring and opt for a shade that blends with your sense of style, then go for it.
Just be sure to maintain not just your hair, but poise and manner of dressing. It may sound insignificant to you, but it plays a crucial role.

Dirty Blond Color Variations

It is by far the most versatile of hair colors because of its warm caramel undertones. It goes great for those who want to add a subtle touch of color to tresses, without making an obvious statement.
It's low-key, works for all kinds of skin tones and hair types, and is easy to touch upon because when the roots start to show, the color contrast won't look ghastly.
Those who fall in the dark brown hair category should opt for lighter shades of dirty blond and those with light brown hair, for the darker variety - the colors are far more visible when the right shade is chosen.

Blond Color Variations

Those with medium or light brown hair should opt for ash blond highlights, and those with dark brown hair, shades like platinum or strawberry blond.
On the other hand, if you're fair-skinned, any shade of blond will suit you, while those with olive or chocolate-brown skin, should ideally go with sun-kissed light blond highlights. In this case, it is better to determine which blond hair color is suitable for you, based on your skin tone.

Red Color Variations

This is an extremely popular hair color when it comes to highlights and otherwise, where all shades of this fiery color suit the fair-skinned, and those with a pink-tinged skin tone.
Others who fall on the dark-skinned side should go with extremely deep red highlights (like burgundy) to avoid it from overwhelming one's features.
Loud hues of red can create a diversion that in some cases will work for you, but not always - it is just too much to take in. You want to create a look that is flattering from sunup to sundown, so be careful when opting for shades of red.
Choosing the perfect hair color can be tough; you can make things easier by placing a wig atop your head of varying colored locks, before arriving at a decision.
Check yourself out in a mirror under yellow, natural, and white light, to make sure that the hair color suits you no matter what sort of light reflects off, of it. If you're still unsure of what to go with, consult a professional hairstylist at a salon.