Highlighting Dark Hair

Kashmira Lad Oct 21, 2018
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Trends in hairstyles are ever changing, but hair highlights have been on the fashion scenario for quite some time. So, if you want your hair to have a perfect meld of dimension and contrast, the following highlighting tips for dark hair will give your hair the glamorous update you desire.
Hair highlights are one of the most common trends seen all over today. Highlighting one's hair is one of the ways to bring about a change in one's looks.
Women as well as men are open to experimenting with new shades and colors to give a new dimension to their personality.
Hair highlights can thus look really cool if done in the right way. An expert hairstylist can turn you into a glam diva if the colors suit your skin tone and the original tone of your hair. Hair highlights suit women with any hair length or even texture.
» There are different ways to highlight one's hair. The basic methods used are foil highlights, hair chunking, hair painting, or low lighting.
» One can have the hair frosted or even tipped in the particular shade for a new look. Hairstylists always recommend you to choose a color that is not less than three shades lighter than the color of your natural hair.
Women with dark hair can really experiment with the colors. This is because dark hair would turn out to have more advantages over light hair because hair highlights can stand out.
Hair highlights involve choosing a few strands of hair rather than coloring the entire head. You can use highlights that add a tinge of color or even have your whole head frosted in natural shades! The choice would depend upon your individual preference and the kind of look you desire.

Tips to Highlight Dark Hair

Choosing the Right Color

» Selecting the right color is very important for highlighting dark hair. Many companies that manufacture the best in hair products have a range of colors for one to choose from. First, you would need to decide whether you want a accent of color to add a subtle difference to the way you look or whether you want to try something dramatic.
» People with light complexions can go in for bright colors.
» Often, it is noticed that if dark hair is highlighted, it turns towards a shade of reddish brown.
If you have natural brown black hair, you can opt for shades of brown. This can range from the medium to the light brown shade. If you are not sure about a reddish brown, you can experiment by highlighting only a few strands of hair.

According to your Hairstyle

» There are various ways you can choose to highlight. For short bob hairstyles, you can highlight the front strands of the hair. This can help to turn your bob hairstyle into a glamorous hairdo! Bob hairstyles with bangs can also look really uber-cool if highlighted.
» Bangs are also be highlighted well as they will stand out especially for those who have dark hair.
» Women with long hair have the option of coloring the hair towards the crown area or even the lower portion of the hair.
» In case of curly hair, the curled colored edges would look attractive especially when hair is left loose.

Remember These Tips

» When highlighting dark hair, you will need to know if you are looking out for a permanent effect or a semi-permanent look.
» Touch-ups would also be required when your hair color fades.
» Once you have used hair color, always ensure you visit your stylist for the touch-ups. This would always keep your hair looking trendy at all times!
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