Haircuts for Straight Hair That'll Blend With Your Sense of Style

Haircuts for Straight Hair
"...rippling and shining like a cascade of brown water." When I started writing about the various haircuts and styles for straight hair, it reminded me of this line from O. Henry's "The gift of Magi". For me, people who have straight hair are like the favorites of God; but then people like us who do not have natural straight hair no longer have to feel left behind. What we want to know now is about the haircuts that are in vogue for straight hair.
Barber cutting hair
Straight Hair Texture
Let me introduce you to the different textures of straight hair, which is one thing you will have to keep in mind when going for a haircut.
  • Coarse hair: This is the most difficult to style and needs to be taken care of. Hair is the yardstick with the help of which one can measure how healthy he/she is because hair shows the signs of well-being or vice versa at an early stage. Coarse hair looks thicker at the cost of looking frizzy and uncontrollable.
  • Fine hair: This kind of hair is soft and smooth and looks graceful and attractive. It gives a very simple and serene look. At times it might look limp and one might have to add a little bounce and body.
  • Medium Hair: This is the best texture one can have, this kind of hair can really add to your beauty if a regular shampooing, conditioning and moisturizing regimen is followed. This kind of hair is easy to maintain and easier to style.
Haircuts for Straight Hair
Hairstyle plays a very important role in making you look gorgeous. Hence, you need to be very careful in considering or choosing a hairstyle for yourself. One of the most important thing to be kept in mind while getting a haircut is the shape of your face. You cannot go for any hairstyle as all the haircuts may not go well with your face shape. So, following are the descriptions of the haircuts with reference to the shape of your face.
Haircuts for Straight Hair
Round Face
If you have round face make sure you do not have much hair around your face because the main aim should be to make your face look less round. Layers with narrowing and delicate ends can also be helpful in attenuating the roundness. Bangs help in making the face look thinner, if kept long.
Square Face
In a square face the angular jaw line looks particular if the hair is cut into uneven ends. Short spikes as well as long styles that draw attention towards the jawline look absolutely brilliant on this kind of a face.
Heart-shaped Face
Chin is the most important part of the face in a heart shaped face. One should go for haircuts that attract attention towards the eyes and cheekbones and if the hair is short, it should fall below the jawline and if long fall somewhere around the cheekbones, hence emphasizing the chin.
Long Face
In case of long faces, the haircut has to be such that it does not make the face look too long but should complement it by making it look wide. Bob cuts which reach up to the chin or side swept bangs also look good on long faced damsels.
Long Face
Oval Face
Now the last and the best is this kind of a face wherein the stylist just would not have to brainstorm since anything that he does on this kind of hair suiting the texture of the hair would look perfect on this kind of a face. In nutshell, all kinds of hairstyles look good on an oval face, apart from the texture and the natural shape there is nothing that the stylist needs to concentrate upon.
Hair experts suggests that it is better to cut your hair with scissors as it gives straight hair a precise and defined line which makes the hair look shaped and clean. Use of razors can make the hair look bad and can also harm the strands.

I offered you the kind of hairstyles that you might opt for; now let me tell you the hairstyles you should avoid
  • People with round face should not go for blunt cuts since it gives more volume to the face.
  • Oval faced girls should avoid hairstyles that give an illusion of height, thus making the face look long.
  • Long faced girls should not go for very long or very short haircuts that might make the face look extremely long.
  • Square faces should avoid one length bobs and blunt cut bangs which might make the face look a little too angular.
  • Blunt bangs should also be avoided by heart shaped faces. Uneven layers should also be resisted, as it might not complement the shape of the face.

So these were some of the guidelines for the people who want straight haircut. It is always better to get your haircut from a professionals as they can give you a better idea of the recent hairstyle trends which will suit your face type and your hair as well. I am sure with further professional help all my readers would look stunning in their straight haircuts!