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6 Chic and Graceful Hairstyles for Triangular-shaped Face

Hairstyles for Triangular-shaped Face
Triangular-shaped faces are heavier around the jaws and narrow at the temples and the forehead. This HairGlamourista post lists some great hairstyles to suit this face shape.
Parul Solanki
Last Updated: Nov 28, 2017
Need inspiration for the right hairstyle?
Check out the hairstyles of celebrities with triangle-shaped faces, like Kelly Osbourne, Minnie Driver, and Geena Davis.
Choosing the right hairstyle for your face shape is imperative to provide a balanced look to the face. A good hairstyle also aids in hiding certain facial imperfections or shortcomings. Triangular-shaped faces, also known as the pear-shaped, have narrow cheekbones and temples along with a prominent jawline.

The right hairstyle for this face shape would be one which detracts attention from the strong jawline and focuses more on the cheekbones. Any hairstyle which draws too much attention to the strong chin, like a straight solid bob hairstyle, is a strict no-no for this face shape. As opposed to this, layered hairstyles which taper at the jawline, thus giving it a soft appearance, look much better.
Some Simple Guidelines
  • The objective of the hairstyle is to narrow the chin and widen the forehead.
  • Keep the hair close to the sides of the face, and let it cover the ears.
  • Avoid bob and angled haircuts that end just below the chin.
  • Aim for soft layers or irregular, wispy curls to balance out the prominent jaw.
  • To widen the narrow forehead, opt for solid bangs or waves.
  • For short or medium length hair, try zigzag or side parting to highlight the cheekbones.
Best Hairstyles for Triangle-shaped Faces
Short Hairstyles
Short hairstyles are perfect for women with a triangle-shaped face. The clipped layered cuts and bangs are the best way to keep the focus off the chin and on your forehead and cheeks.
Choppy Layered Hairstyle
Choppy Layers
Choppy Layers
The choppy top layers are the best way to balance a wide jaw. The hair which is short and somewhat spiky makes the head look rounder and fuller on top, thus, giving an elongated appearance to the face. Keep the bangs off the forehead, as they can make the face appear shorter and wider.
Sideswept Bangs
Sideswept Bangs
Sideswept Bangs
While blunt and heavy fringes look horrible, as they emphasize the width of the jawline, side parting with long fringes or bangs works great for triangle-shaped faces. This hairstyle draws attention to the cheekbones and eyes. Adding volume to the bangs at the temples helps in balancing out the wide jaw. Asymmetrical bobs, like Victoria Beckham's, are also great for triangle-shaped faces.
Medium Hairstyles
Medium-length Hair with Layers
Hair with layers
Layered Hairstyle
Disproportionate layers take attention away from the chin, while the volume to the hair adds length to the face. Let the wispy layers fall softly along the sides of the face and neck, camouflaging the jaw. Use hair rollers or curlers to add beachy waves or soft curls to the style. Different textures, colored highlights, and other length adjustments add a touch of novelty to the style. Let the length of the hairstyle extend beyond the jawline. Anything shorter would make the jaws appear wider.
Choppy Layers with Side Bangs
Another layered hairstyle that works great for medium-length hair is the choppy layers with side bangs. To get this style, the hair is cut into sections of different lengths. Cut the front section of hair into bangs, and using a comb, sweep it to one side. This hairstyle emphasizes your forehead and cheekbones, thus diverting attention from the lower part of the face.
Long Hairstyles
Long Wavy Hairstyle
Beachy Waves
Beachy Waves
Loose waves are the flavor of the season, and you can see just about everyone with long hair sporting this style. The best part is that it works great for a triangle-shaped face, as it the hair frames the face in just the right areas. Use beach wave rollers from mid-length to the ends of your hair, to get those loose waves. This hairstyle works best with layered hairstyle, as the waves frame the face nicely due to the different hair lengths. Opt for a middle parting or side parting on top.
Curls for Long Hair
Curls for long hair
Tight curls that are close to your face, allow you to hide that wide jaw with ease. Use a curling iron or hot rollers to get this style. There are many foam rollers in the market that help you with this. If you do not want extremely tight curls, then use a curling iron to fashion your hair into spiral curls.
Young Woman Portrait
Knowing your face shape and choosing the best hairstyle for it helps you play up the attractive features, while downplaying the ones that you do not want to emphasize―in this case a wider jawline. If you too have a triangle-shaped face, then do try these trendy hairstyles that flatter your face.