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Hairstyles for Plus Size Women That'll Give a Million Dollar Look

Hairstyles for Plus Size Women
Your hair is one of your best assets. Here are a few hairstyles for women who are a bit on the heavy side to bring out the best in them.
Mukta Gaikwad
Last Updated: May 2, 2018
The hair is the richest ornament of women. ~ Martin Luther
Well...your hair is truly your best ornament. The way you wear your hair says a lot about you and most importantly your hairstyles are 'vanity's proving ground'. A well done hairstyle, shows a person's eye for detail. It brings out your character and diverts the attention from your size, to your face. Since, you are plus size, a chubby face can always be given a cute look. A little experiment with your hair can make you look worth a million dollars.
Hairstyles are more about how your hair complements your face, rather than the way you wear it. So, here are a few tips and suggestions just for you.
Hairstyles for Oval Face
 An oval face can wear any type of hairstyle. To show off the oval shape of your face, pull your hair back with a partition on one side. If you have fringes, you can tuck them behind your ears to give a sleek look. This hairstyle is extremely simple and does not take much time. It complements the formal look very well. Add an accessory to your hair to make this a little casual for the evenings.
Curling your hair always takes away a few years from your face. Let your hair loose, spray it with some water (do not drench it though) and just scrunch it. A layered haircut will get softer curls, whereas long hair will get simple twirls as suggested in the second diagram. Those with an oval face can also experiment with side fringes. Wear it long or short, an oval face and carry soft curls and bob cut, like Rihanna's with equal panache.
Hairstyles for Square Face
A square face has the best jawline ever! Leave those gorgeous locks open to accentuate the best features of your face. Retaining the shape of your face with the natural partition is always a good idea. You can either straighten your hair for this style or maintain its natural look. It only takes a simple hair brush to complete this hairstyle and is best suited for those who are in a race against time.
You can also experiment with a side braid. Pull all your hair to one side and start braiding. Loosely braid your hair so that it looks thick. Avoid braiding the full length as it can make your hair look thin towards the end. A similar look can be created by tying a side ponytail. Accessorize your braid with cute hair accessories such as hair clips, flowers and such other trinkets. This is a great hairstyle for those lazy brunches and afternoon lunches!
Square shape hairstyle
Hairstyles for Round Face
A round face needs a little more styling than any other shape as it tends to look fatter than the rest. Take half of your hair from the left side and half from the right. Tie it up or simply clip it. This will give your hair a layer effect as the side hair gets pinned on top of the lower hair. This will also make your hair look a little longer than it actually is. Leave out a few bangs and let them fall on your face loosely to cut out the plumpness of your face.
Adding a simple hairband, like shown in the picture can also make your face look sharper. For round faces, it is important to deflect the roundness and bring out style with simple ideas. Scrunch your hair a little while it is wet to give it the natural look of wavy hair. Curls are a sure way of making your look for the day super stylish.
Hairstyles for Heart Shaped Face
Since you have a wide forehead and narrow jawline, layered haircuts help in bringing out the volume. However, if you have thick hair avoid adding layers. A casual updo with a messy look is great for those days which are filled with mundane chores. Pull all your hair up and tie a ponytail. Pull out the short clumps or strands and use an iron to give them curls. Use a scarf as a hairband to complete your casual look.
2. If you are looking for an elegant hairstyle for a heart-shaped face then simply tie your hair loose, scrunch it in a low ponytail for curls and iron out the fringes for a sleek shape to your face. You can add some accessories to the ponytail to get the look as shown in the second picture. This hairstyle can be worn for both, formal dinners and for Friday night parties!
Plus size women look the best with long hair. You can pin it up for formal occasions or iron it straight. For casual functions and outings, simply scrunch it for soft curls, which will accentuate your feminine side. Spending time on fixing your hair every single day is not realistically possible, even if it's a simple DIY hairstyle. The easier way out is to get a stylish haircut, which suits your face and is a low maintenance affair. Try out these hairstyles and drop in for a feedback. Until then, stay stylish!
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