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Hairstyles for Oval Faces

Kashmira Lad Oct 12, 2018
Women with oval faces do not have to worry about the kind of hairstyle to choose. Here is a look at some ideas for hairstyles that would look great on oval faces.
An oval shape is considered to be one of the best face shapes in terms of fashion. This shape is ideal particularly because any kind of hairstyle can suit such a face!
So, if you have an oval face, you need not worry about the kind of hairstyle you choose or the shape of your sunglasses!
Basically, all you need to do is choose a style that adds more glamour to your face. An oval shape is easily distinguishable when the length of the face is double the width of the shape of the face.
This face cut is balanced, therefore, many different types of hairstyles can best suit this face shape. No wonder, fashion pundits have always given emphasis to the beauty of this face!
Here we will look at some of the easy hairstyles to maintain for an oval face. A simple styling can completely change the way you look.
Here we present five simple ways of styling your hair as per the length. These tips will only take a few minutes before you step out for a fabulous day. So, get out your notepad and take a few notes to get stylish in just minutes!

Add Volume to Fine Hair

You would first need to determine the texture of your hair. For fine hair, you can consult your hairstylist and look to add volume to the hair. This is possible with the help of layers. Layers will even help to frame your face well because an oval face is versatile which makes it easier to style.
Medium length hair that is curly can be styled well to make you look truly gorgeous. Curls can be used to your advantage by simply letting them loose! Avoid adding too many layers. Turn the edges outward for a dainty look!

Get Cute with Bangs

Avoid the messy look, as it will only cover up your face when you have the option to flaunt your face shape. Bangs and fringes are fine as long as they do not fall over your entire forehead. This would only cover up your face even more. Try shorter lengths and lesser sections of strands.

Go Completely Curly

This ideal shape is therefore a delight for any hairstylist! One can experiment in terms of length and styles that can be worn.
Layers are an ideal option for women with oval faces. These can suit straight as well as wavy hair. For layers, you can curl the shorter layers that are close to the jawline. You can let the longer layers fall down naturally across your shoulders. This style best suits medium length hair.

A Razor Sharp Cut

Well, if your hair texture is medium in thickness, then you can experiment a bit! Short bobs would suit this texture or you can even go in for a flirty razor cut!
For those who have lovely thick hair, can opt for stylish fringes, Keep the fringe blunt to avoid having too much weight at the upper half of the face.

Keep it Poker Straight

Another hairstyle that can bring attention to your features is the straight hair look.
You can use this straight hair idea in case you have long hair and let the first layer kiss your shoulders gently. Bangs are also suitable for straight hair. You can even highlight few hair strands to add some dimension to the hairdo.
A woman with oval face need not worry too much about the kind of hairstyle she would need to choose. You must however keep few things in mind. Avoid growing your hair too long as it only would add to the length of the face.
In case of layers, you must always have the first layer at your chin level. Thus, you can see how hairstyles for oval faces can be versatile! Find one that best suits your hair texture and personality and flaunt your new hairdo with confidence.