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Drool-worthy Hairstyles for Fat Faces That Totally Steal the Show

Hairstyles for Fat Faces
For chubby faces, the best hairstyles are those which long and with bangs. Keeping hair long and sleek near the cheek removes the attention from your cheeks and brings attention to your eyes.
Stephen Rampur
Last Updated: Feb 2, 2018
Many people have a wrong thinking that if a woman is fat, she will surely have a fat face. However, a fat face has nothing to do with a face which has a lot of fat on it. It is just the shape it is in. It is round in shape, and so referred to as a fat face. If you have a fat and round face, there are many cute hairstyles to choose from. Whichever haircut you choose, simply make sure that it does add length to the face and not width to the sides.
Best Hairstyles for Fat Faces
Smoothly Layered Bob Haircut: A smoothly layered bob haircut is good for a fat face. While getting the haircut in the salon, tell the hairdresser to keep the hair length past the cheeks which will give a smooth appearance to the cheek area making it less fatter. Some people think that hairstyles with bangs are not suitable for fat faces, as bangs cover the forehead. If the forehead is shown, the face will appear longer than wider.
Short Shag: A short shag will also look good on a fat face, as it will appear to lessen the width of the face. You can further modify this hairdo to make your hair look more beautiful. This is probably considered as the best hairstyle for round faces.
Stylish Updo: Stylish updo is a cool hairstyle for fat and round faces. An updo hairstyle consists of the hair being piled on the crown, which will certainly add length to the hair. In addition, you can also make this hairdo more attractive by adding voguish hair accessories.
Short Pixie Haircut: A good option for haircuts for fat faces is a short pixie cut which is easy to do and maintain. You can even spike up the hair and make layers with this hairstyle.
Those thinking about haircut styles for round faces have the option of wearing any kind of short or long hairdo. The main point is that the hairdo should make your face look longer instead of adding to its width. The best choices are long hairstyles, as these haircuts contribute to the length. If you wear a long hairstyle, you need to keep the hair at the sides of the cheeks straight and not wavy. This will cause your face to appear more in length than in width. To hide the roundness of your face, you can even have tapered ends below the chin.
Short hairstyles for people with fat faces are also appropriate if styled in the proper manner. While wearing short hairstyles for round faces, make sure they are not too short, so as to avoid hiding the roundness of the face. Choose a short haircut that ends above the chin, or a bit longer hairdo that ends a bit below the chin. In case of short haircuts for fat faces, you can surely add side swept bangs and layers, unless they do not add to the length of the face.
These are some of the most suitable hairstyles for round faces. When choosing haircuts for round faces, make sure they do not add hair volume on the cheeks, but fullness on the crown. Remember that any of these hairstyles will certainly make your face look slimmer and more beautiful. If you are not sure as to which hairdo suits better on your round face, you can take some tips from your hairstylist.
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