A List of the Hottest Haircuts for Round Faces in 2012

Haircuts for Round Faces 2012
Browse through the haircuts for round faces and you will find bob haircuts, straight bangs, and layered cuts as the hottest hair trends. Here are some ideas to grace your round face with the right haircut.
Are you tired of trimming and cutting your luscious locks and still haven't stumbled upon the right haircut that suits your round face? Well, perhaps you should first find out what are the most suitable haircuts for round faces before donning any celebrity hairstyles. Your round face is an asset which can easily shine with the right kind of hairdo. But before you start experimenting with the latest hair trends, read about these simple yet elegant cuts for short, long, medium or curly hair which can make all the difference to your appearance.

Hair Trends for Round Faces 2012

Medium wavy hair Short hair with bangs Medium length hair

Layered bob Long layered hairMedium Wavy Haircut

Medium hair with bangs Short bob

Layered hair Long layered hair and center partShort layered hairstyle

Short hair with bangs Layered hair and side swept bangsWavy Hair

Medium length wavy hairShort hair with highlightsBob hairstyle

Short Haircuts
If you are all set to follow the latest hair trends for round faces, then flat iron locks, bangs and layers are hot this year. Ladies with short length hair can pick from the basic to the updated bob hairstyle that has been a popular haircut for short hair since a long time. An angular bob or even an inverted bob can be chosen over the simple bob. Adding bangs to your bob, needs no mention. A longer and layered bob with fringes resting on your face is another trendy haircut for round faces. A wavy and layered bob with flat ironed side swept fringes is going to smarten up your looks as never before. One of the best short haircuts for women with round faces is the pixie cut. It is also amongst the best haircuts for men with round faces. With flat ironed and tapered strands that are given a perfect finish often using razor, you are sure to don a modish look. Short haircuts for round faces also include messy haircut that gives a unique 'just out of the bed' look.

Medium and Long Haircuts
Let me tell you that having medium or long hair is sure to offer you have a lot of options in haircuts for round faces. A simple haircut with equal length of strands graced with layered bangs is amongst the most opted haircuts for round faces this year. You can also go for tapered, side swept bangs and have flat iron hair without layers. Another haircut that accentuates your round face is one with straight cut bangs falling on your forehead. Add a few face framing tapering layers (turned inwards), to the strands near your face, leaving rest of the hair as it is. Again, straight hair or styling with a flat ironing is a must to get the best look. You can also opt for center parted hair with long or short bangs that especially look great on round faces.

For Curly and Wavy Hair
Choosing the best curly and wavy haircuts for round faces is not a difficult job. So those having wavy or curly tresses can go for layered haircuts that consists of long bangs. You can also skip the bangs and simply have cascading layers to your locks. Make sure that you avoid having ringlets around your face as they can make your face look even more fuller. With parted bangs that rightly blend with rest of the hair, you are sure to look beautiful. Tapered haircuts that have a lot of volume on the top and lesser volume below the neck also make stylish haircuts for round faces this season. You can have straight hair at the top and wavy hair starting below the neck.

General Hairstyle Guidelines for Round Faces

Hairstyles for round faces can be tricky. You don't want to accentuate the roundness of your face by opting the wrong kind of bang or cut. So let us get the basics right before clipping and trimming your hair to suit your round shaped face.

- Though long hair is presumably high maintenance, nevertheless it's the best bet to divert attention from the roundness of your face and make it look thinner. The key is to make the long hair look sleek, thus eliminating the chance of creating a round appearance near the crown.

Center Part
- Parting your hair right in the middle of the face is a flattering way to draw out attention away from the rough edges of your face and causing face-lengthening effect. This way you open up your face and its symmetrical features come into the light. Although people of varied face shapes can carry this look well, round shaped individuals particularly benefit by this look as it does not weigh down their face.

Hair Color
- Texturing and coloring the hair to embrace the latest hairstyle is good but remember to avoid face framing highlights that tend to focus on the chin and make it look more round. By highlighting your hair in dark and light stripes, you can produce a slimming appearance. If you are not too keen on your face shape, then coloring your hair in a dark shade can remove the edge off the roundness of your face. People use the hair coloring illusion to look thinner all the time.

- A round face usually has well-rounded cheeks which need to be tone down in order to make the face appear longer. The best way to do this is to get an amazing well-cut fringe that covers up your cheeks nicely. That's why long fringes are preferred over the short ones. Try to avoid a blunt fringe. Instead, opting for a soft choppy fringe can easily flatter your bone structure.

While there are some hairstyles which are evergreen and suit all types of face shapes, they might not reflect your personality. So choose your haircut keeping all these things in mind before going to the hairdresser. Ask for his/her advice if you are still not sure. A round face is both feminine and sexy. You can add some bold touches to your face by going for a shaggy haircut.