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Amazing Haircuts for Long Hair

Girija Shinde Oct 23, 2018
Long hair has been in vogue since forever. You can style your long hair in endless ways, as long hair is extremely versatile. However, what gives your face a defined look, is the perfect haircut.
"A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life." ―Coco Chanel
Long hair has a class of its own. Whether you roll it up in a bun, or leave it open carelessly, it looks good.
However, when you have long hair, there are certain things you need to keep in mind. You must put in extra effort to maintain your lustrous mane.
Using proper hair care products, keeping it clean and getting a trim done every 3 - 6 months, is essential for maintaining the health of long hair. Haircut plays an important role, when it comes to your overall look. Therefore, choosing the right one that suits you, is a task that you need to perform carefully.

Layered Haircut

Layered haircut looks good for long hair, because it gives the hair volume. With a layered haircut, you can try different hairstyles.
Hairstylists generally advice you to take the first layer under the ear, which gives it a sassy look.

Try a straight, curved, or angled, layered cut.
The layered cut looks more elegant if the first layer is cut very short to create bangs. For a chic look, highlight the bangs. For a formal look, let the layers be deep, whereas to give your haircut a casual and smart look, out-turned layers would look good.
Layered haircuts can be left open, or can be tied into a ponytail.

Asymmetrical Haircut

There are no rules, when it comes to an asymmetrical haircut. If you need a completely new look, you can experiment with this style .
Go for this when your hair is in the middle stage, i.e., when it is neither too long, nor too short. Cut the hair only on one side, or at the back.

Your hair can be cut at various lengths, rather than keeping the length the same all over. Your hair can vary in length on all the sides. Trendy though it is, you need to be able to carry it.

Straight Haircut

Straight haircut is the easiest to carry.

If you want to flaunt your hair length, get a straight haircut. It falls into place on its own.
You don't need to do any styling for a straight haircut. However, you have to instruct your hairstylist to cut the ends of your hair finely.

This is because your hair has to be perfectly even in length, since the smallest mistake is visible easily.
To add a little more style, you can also cut your hair covering your forehead, in a fringe. This cut will give you a neat and "perfect hair" look. Although very common, straight haircut has always been stylish. It looks best on poker straight hair. Highlight the ends, or color a few strands in some bright color. Trust me, it is going to stand out alright.

Razor Cut

Razor cuts have become popular lately, since long hair has come back in fashion. If you have very thick hair, you can razor layers in your hair, chopping off the extra layers. This would reduce the thickness of your hair.
You can reduce the thickness at the bottom and at the front top, leaving the crown of your head thick and fluffy. This can be tried on curly or wavy hair too.
Thinning your hair will stop weighing down your curls. Other than that, the razor chops your hair, giving it a sharp, angular look. You can use this cut for fringes. The quality of your razor should be very high, to achieve the best results.

Hime Cut

In Japanese, the term 'hime' means 'princess', and is a very popular hairstyle among the Japanese women. Hime cut looks best on straight hair, and it gives you a doll-like look.
Bangs form the first layer, which fall just above your lashes.
The second layer would match up with your jawline or maybe go just a little below it.

If you have a square face with an angular jawline, this haircut would soften your look.
The hime cut consists of only three layers, hence the third layer would be as long as the length of your hair. In all, this would give you a very neat, feminine look.

Scene Cut

Scene is a modern haircut and is quite uncommon, as very few people experiment with the punk look. This haircut is very choppy and gives you a poof-like look. It has bangs swept to one side, and has a lot of layers. It is cut according to the frame of your face. Normally, this style has short layers that stand out on the top, and long layers at the bottom.
Since this cut is short on the top, it gives your hair a fuller look. It can consist of uneven layers too. Use razoring scissors to get that angular, sharp look. This hairdo is usually accompanied with hair color (maybe 2 or more) or highlights. If you love experimenting with your hair, you would love this haircut.

Feathered Haircut

Feathered haircuts are back in vogue. This hairstyle has smooth and thin layers, like that of a bird's feather.

It was popular during the 70s and 80s, both among men and women. You can enhance this look with bangs or a little fringe.
This cut will give you a little messy, yet trendy look. It looks best on golden blonde or light-colored hair, and looks good on both, wavy and straight hair.
It is best if a razor is used for the haircut, so that your hair looks more feathered because of the sharp ends. Scissors may give it a blunt look. Brush your hair backwards, to get that perfect 'birdie' look.

Mullet Haircut

A mullet haircut is a classic cut, that will give you a 70s' look.
An ideal mullet cut is the one in which one has short hair on the top, and long hair at the back.

Although this look is not very popular now, it was, during the 70s and 80s.

A famous singer, Kim Wilde, popularized mullet haircut among women.
This haircut can be done at home using razors or scissors, but that is only if you are good with haircuts. You can also use hair color or highlights to enhance your look. If you want a perfect retro look, this haircut is just the one for you.
"Those curious locks so aptly twin'd,
Whose every hair a soul doth bind." ~ Thomas Carew